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Interdisciplinary Seminars and Travel Study Opportunities

Honors seminars provide the opportunity for personal interaction in classes limited to 20 students. The program offers four different seminars each year. Seminars are two credit hours and are typically taken during the sophomore and junior years. Professors develop these courses specifically for honors students as an opportunity to study a topic in more depth than most classes allow. Below are some examples of past seminar topics.

Body and Soul: Foundations for Human Personhood

An interdisciplinary study of human valuing from the perspectives of theology, philosophy, psychology, biology, and neuroscience.

Chance, Emergence, or Design

The origin of complexity and order in the universe is studied from three different perspectives: Neo-Darwinism, Emergence, and Creation.

Contemporary Global Issues

An introduction to and critical assessment of global-planetary problems, the global economy, environmental issues, human rights, and basic human needs.

Image and Word in a Visual Culture

Inquiry into the tension between image and word in Jewish and Christian thought and the implications for Christians living in a visual culture.

Science and Religion: Middle Ages to Darwin

A seminar centering on major primary sources in the history of science, exploring the historical relationship of science and religion, particularly Christian theology, from the late Middle Ages to the Darwinian Revolution.

Travel Study Opportunities