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AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies

The AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies (Mancelona, Michigan) is a Christian environmental stewardship institute whose mission is to bring healing and wholeness to the biosphere and the whole of Creation. It does this through academic programs for college and university students, research projects, environmental education for local school children, and information services for churches, denominations, and the wider world community. Supported by the natural settings at both its sites in the Great Lakes Forest of northern Michigan and on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, participants take courses, engage in scholarship, gain field experience, confer, and develop practical tools for environmental stewardship in programs that take seriously both science and theology. (See Dr. John Silvius for more information)

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Creation Care Institute

Creation Care

The Creation Care Study program is a high-caliber academic semester abroad connecting Christian faith with the most complex, urgent global issues of the coming decades in environmental biology.

Two programs are offered during both fall and spring semesters: one in Belize, Central America and one in the South Pacific (New Zealand and Samoa).

Adventurous students embrace new intellectual and spiritual challenges while experiencing the unparalleled learning opportunities of tropical rainforests, mountain streams, and coral reefs. Natural wonders, vibrant cross-cultural exchange, and outstanding faculty combine to make CCSP the semester of a lifetime for students interested in environmental biology.

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Focus Leadership Institute

The Institute for Family Studies (Colorado Springs, Colorado) offers a semester-long program In Colorado Springs. Accept the challenges to your heart, mind and soul! Come take an up-close look at Christian leadership as it pertains to the family, church and society by understanding the Christian Worldview. Is God calling you to be one of His leaders in restoring the family, reviving the church and transforming society? If so, the Focus on the Family Institute would like to invite you on a fun and enriching adventure!

Application packets and course information are available in the Office of International Programs, Collins 22. For more information visit their website at

HGU: Handong Global University


Handong Global University, located in Pohang, South Korea, is a world-changing global university, educating honest and competent global leaders. They prepare global leaders through a holistic education that combines both moral and academic training, specially designed for today's global information era.

HGU participates in an international exchange program with Cedarville. Both institutions will carry out joint projects in education and missions along with any other program judged to be of mutual interest to both institutions.

Up to six Cedarville students can attend HGU each semester while the same number of their students can attend Cedarville. There are certain qualifications to acceptance by either institution.

Along with Cedarville students studying at HGU, interested Cedarville faculty have the opportunity to teach at Handong Global University for a semester.

Chosen students will pay Cedarville tuition and fees while paying room and board fees of HGU.

HGU Programs

HGU offers a variety of courses taught in English.

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Ireland: Dublin Business School and School of Arts



DBS is one of Ireland's leading independent colleges and provides undergraduate, graduate and professional education. The college enjoys close links with the world of business and commerce. The campus consists of three large buildings located close together in the center of Dublin.

DBS Programs

DBS offers a wide range of subjects in the following professional programs.

  • Cultural Studies
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Film Studies
  • Journalism
  • Literature and Drama
  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Psychology

Cedarville students study alongside Irish students. All Cedarville students are required to take a special course covering Irish politics, history, literature and culture. In addition to the course offerings, academic internships are available.

Students live with an Irish host family and are provided with two meals per day. Public transportation is available for the commute from the home of the host family to the campus.

Cedarville students are limited to taking 15 credits. Additional credits are available at an added cost.

Applications are available in the Office of International Programs, Collins 22. For more information about DBS visit or

IBI: International Business Institute


The International Business Institute is a cooperative program involving selected colleges in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). The administration of the program is under the direction of Robert J. Bartel, retired Maclellan Professor of Economics and Business, King College, Bristol, Tennessee.

The program is designed to give students in economics, business management and related areas a distinctive opportunity for a term of study that incorporates the international dimension of these fields in an experiential context overseas. The program is ten weeks in length and includes several periods of significant residence in key locations as well as coordinated visits and presentation in the major political and economic centers of Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the United Kingdom.

An essential purpose of this program is to encourage and facilitate the integration of academic study with the international field experience. The academic work is conducted in a variety of settings from the usual classroom to corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, and the offices of governmental or international agencies. Another key priority is the integration of a Christian and Biblical perspective to the issues of global economics and business.

Who can apply?

The program is only open to students the summer between their junior and senior year at Cedarville. Interested students should apply during fall semester of their junior year.


This is a rigorous academic program and students are expected to have completed a full year of principles of economics, and a semester of accounting or finance. In addition, one course in management and marketing is required. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required at the time of participation. A positive recommendation from the faculty and the appropriate student affairs office is required along with an official transcript.

Course Credits

You will receive credits for the following Cedarville courses.

ECON 3350 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 3360 International Trade & Economics
MRKT 4620 International Marketing
MGMT 3570 International Management

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Israel Bible Extension of The Master's College (IBEX)


The Israel Bible EXtension program, called "IBEX", is The Master's College (TMC) extension program in Israel. IBEX is a 15-week semester abroad program which provides a quality educational opportunity for students who wish to enhance their knowledge of the geographical, historical, archaeological, and cultural understanding of the land of Israel, both ancient and modern. Classroom lectures are integrated with frequent field trips; together, these expose the student to every corner of the land and to every period of the history of the people of that land. The student's educational experience, as well as his or her personal maturation, is significantly enhanced by the cross-cultural experience which the semester-abroad program provides.

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Jerusalem University College

Jerusalem University College (JUC), formerly known as the Institute of Holy Land Studies, is an extension campus for Cedarville University. JUC is an institution of higher education in Israel. Founded in 1957 as a graduate institution, the school now provides both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to study the Christian Scriptures in the context of the land where the events occurred as well as the languages, social and political culture, religions and historical relationships of the Middle East. Summer Tour (TBA)

Application packets are available in the Office of International Programs. For more detailed information visit

LCC International University

Study abroad in Lithuania. Complete 15 semester hours, travel throughout Lithuania, spend a week in Russia, and live with other European students. Programs offered in Business Administration, English Language and Literature, Psychology, and Theology. Summer programs are also available. Visit the official LCC International University website for more details.

Be a risk taker.

Oxford Study Abroad Program (OSAP)


Accepted Cedarville students become affiliated members of the junior common rooms of their Oxford colleges. They live in double room housing with one or more British or other non-American student residents and may take most of their meals in their Oxford college dining hall at a low cost.

Students study for 12-13 weeks in tutorials taught by tutors of Oxford Colleges. Each tutorial has one tutor and usually one student. In addition, Cedarville students spend 3 weeks in a British History & Culture course prior to the beginning of their tutorials.

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Romanian Studies Program (RSP)


The heart of the Romanian Studies Program is learning to serve in a cross-cultural context and reflecting on that service. A wide range of opportunities exists for Social Work majors to complete their Senior Field Experience I & II (14 credits) during a semester. Students can choose to work with disadvantaged children, the elderly, the disabled, or in community development.