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Summer Programs

Each summer O.I.P. offers Cedarville courses in international locations. These courses are taught by Cedarville professors and are open to all Cedarville students. Some courses are specialized for specific majors and others are general education courses. They are ideal for students whose major do not have the flexibility of a semester abroad. The locations vary each summer.

Most trips are under $5,000 including tuition, program fee, and lodging. Airfare is usually not included but group flights will be available with students paying for their flight cost individually. Below is the list of course offerings for summer 2015:


Dates: May 10-28
  • Intro to Literature
  • Special Topics in Literature
  • Psychology of Personality


Dates: May 10-31
  • Intro to Humanities
  • Travel Photography
  • History/Politics of Western Europe


Dates: May 10-28
  • Variety of Spanish Courses
  • History course in English
  • 2 Pharmacy courses

US Parks

Dates: May 10-28
  • Geology of National Parks Northwestern U.S.
    Fulfills 3.5 credit physical science requirement

Short Term Trip Refund Policy