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NATA-BOC Pass Rate Statistics

Three Year Aggregate Percentages

Exam Year National Average (First Time Exam Pass Rate) Cedarville University (First Time Exam Pass Rate) Cedarville’s overall exam pass rate based on total exams taken
2015-2016 82.71% 90% (9/10) 100% (10/10)
2014-2015 80.65% 100% (8/8) 100% (8/8)
2013-2014 80% 100% (7/7) 100% (7/7)

All CAATE accredited programs must maintain a three year aggregate minimum first time NATA-BOC pass rate of 70%. Cedarville University currently holds a first time pass rate aggregate score of 96%. While this statistic does not guarantee first time success for all students it does support the exceptional academic and clinical education that students receive while they are enrolled in the ATEP. Please contact Mike Weller (Athletic Training Program Director) at if you are interested in pursuing athletic training at Cedarville University.