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About the Archives Program

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The mission of the Cedarville University Archive is to provide an official repository for materials of historical significance to Cedarville University.


The Cedarville University Archives, established by administrative declaration will collect, organize, protect, and make available for use all University publications, selected organizational and operational documents, materials which depict University life, and appropriate personal publications, papers, and memorabilia.


The Cedarville University Archives is a department of the Centennial Library and thus the University Archivist is directly responsible to the Dean of Library Services. Therefore, operational decisions for the Archives will be consistent with the policies and procedures of the Centennial Library. The Archives will be housed in the Centennial Library.
The University Archivist works directly with University administration and departments to assure the on-going fulfillment of the mission and purpose of the Archives. Policies and procedures approved by the administration will be followed. The archives program will follow, where appropriate, the Guidelines for College & University Archives published by the Society of American Archivists.


Due to space and staffing restrictions, the following limitations are in force.

  • As to Records Management
    The Cedarville University Archives is not a records management agency, and thus is not a repository of all non-active documents for all the departments and organizations of the University.
  • As to Custodial Care of Materials
    The use of the Cedarville University Archives as a "custodian" of records and items belonging to individuals or groups will be discouraged. Materials will be accepted only when given as permanent additions to the collection, and not as items or records to be "stored." Any exceptions to this policy will be determined by the Archivist in consultation with the Dean of Library Services and any involved administrator.
  • As to Copies of Materials Retained
    Unless otherwise specified, no more than two loose copies of any item will be maintained in the Archives collection, one copy for use by patrons and the other for preservation purposes. Rare or highly degraded materials, and materials in high demand (e.g. yearbooks), will be considered for the storage of more than two copies, and the final decision for keeping excess copies will be left with the Archivist.