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Q: How do I renew library materials?

  • Renew online
    1. Log into your account by entering your name and barcode number (the 14 digit number along the bottom of your ID card)
    2. Click on 'Items currently checked out.'
    3. To renew a specific book, click in the check box next to the title and click on 'RENEW SELECTED ITEMS.' You can renew all materials that qualify for renewal by clicking on 'RENEW ALL.'
  • Renew your materials at the Circulation desk in the library.

Q: Why can't I renew my books?

It could be one of several reasons. You will not be allowed to renew your item if...

  • An overdue notice has already been sent for the item
  • You owe the Library money
  • A hold has been placed on the item
  • There is a block on your academic record
  • The item has been renewed the maximum amount of times allowed.

Q: Why didn't I get a reminder notice that my book was due?

We send e-mail reminders as a courtesy for you. However, please remember that you were given the due date for your materials when you checked them out. You are still responsible to be sure that your items are turned in on time in the case that the e-mail does not work.

If you are having consistent trouble receiving reminder e-mails, check with the staff at the Circulation Desk to ensure that we have your correct email address.

Q: Why do I have a hold on my account, and what does that mean?

A hold is placed on your academic record if you haven't returned all of your books at the end of a semester. While you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to register for classes, see your grades, order OhioLink materials, or check out books. It takes one business day to lift the hold on your account after the fine is paid.

Q: How do I pay my fine?

You can either pay in cash or by check at the Circulation Desk or have the fine charged to your University account.