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The Bolthouse Center for Music is housed in the Dixon Ministry Center along with the Jeremiah Chapel and the Reese Center for Christian Ministries. This strategic location provides quick access to most of the dormitories and teaching facilities on campus. The Student Life Center is located right next to the Dixon Ministry Center.

The 42,000 square feet of space devoted to the Music, Art, & Worship Department includes a 250 seat recital hall, 20 practice modules, and separate instrumental and choral practice areas. The map below shows the floor plan for the Bolthouse Center. Click on a colored area to get a complete description of that portion of the facility.


Pedagogy/Electronics Wing Recital Hall Music Offices Artist Green Rooms Student Lounge Faculty Studios Faculty Studios Faculty Studios Choral Rehearsal Room Practice Rooms Instrumental Wing Instrumental Wing Choral Rehearsal Room Practice Rooms Artist Green Rooms Student Lounge Faculty Studios Recital Hall Pedagogy Wing Department Offices