For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ

Cedarville University Music Program

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Cedarville offers practical experience to prepare you for your chosen field.

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Soli Deo Gloria

At Cedarville University, Bach’s famous phrase “Soli Deo Gloria” — for the glory of God alone — is more than a slogan. It is the mission that drives all that we do to honor the Master Creator through our creativity. Study in our music program and learn from accomplished professors who will mentor and inspire you. Master your skills in our world-class facilities. Experience the preparation you need for your career or graduate school. Cedarville music graduates serve as teachers, composers, studio musicians, and more. Pursue your passion while worshipping the Master Composer at Cedarville University.

Start Here:

Before they can apply for the Music Program, students must first be accepted at Cedarville University. Apply Now to gain acceptance.

The next step is to choose the program you wish to apply to. Visit our the Music and Worship Majors page to learn more about your options.

All students who desire to pursue a music degree at Cedarville University must complete an audition in their primary performance area. The audition provides the music faculty with an opportunity to measure your potential success as a music major and to determine whether you will be admitted to the department to pursue a music degree. Visit the Music Auditions page to learn more about Eligibility and Scheduling, or start your Audition Application now.

Performing well in your audition shows the Cedarville faculty that you are a good fit for our Music program. Visit the What to Prepare page to ensure you have the best audition possible.

All freshmen music majors and minors, as well as transfer students are required to take a placement exam as a part of the audition and entrance process to the music program. This basic test will be given on all audition days and during the Getting Started Days before Fall Semester officially begins. Visit the Music Theory Exam page to see what you need to know for the exam.