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Which courses can I take?

This course list shows classes Cedarville currently offers online. You may view the courses by department and special programs.

NOTE: These courses are not all offered every semester. View course offerings and availability by visiting the undergraduate, graduate, or college now schedules for the desired semester.

Code Title
ACCT-2110 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT-2120 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT-4150 Government & Nonprofit Accounting
ACCT-4220 International Accounting
ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology
BIO-4220 Signal Transduction
BUS-2100 Business Communication
COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech
COM-2320 Theories of Mass Media
COM-3810 Speechwriting for the Professional
EDSP-3500 Special Education Law
EDUC-2400 Children's Literature
EGME-1810 Engineering Graphics
ENG-1400 Composition
ENG-3010 Style and Mechanics for Writers
FIN-1710 Personal Finance
FREN-1910 Elementary French I
GBIO-1000 Principles of Biology
GEO-3510 World Regional Geography: Western Hemisphere
GEO-3520 World Regional Geography: Eastern Hemisphere
GMTH-1010 Introduction to Mathematics
GMTH-1020 College Algebra
GMTH-1030 Precalculus
GSCI-1010 Principles of Earth Science
GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture
HIST-1110 United States History I
HIST-1120 United States History II
HIST-2100 Ohio History for Educators
HLMU-3400 Global Music
HUM-1400 Introduction to the Humanities
HUM-2430 Enjoyment of Music
LIT-2300 Introduction to Literature
LIT-2330 World Mythology
LIT-2340 Western Literature
MAHE-3030 Nutrition
MATH-2740 Differential Equations
NSG-1000 Member of Nursing Profession
PPHR-1011 Profession of Pharmacy History and Issues I
PPHR-1012 Profession of Pharmacy History and Issues II
PPHR-2013 Profession of Pharmacy Careers I
PPHR-2014 Profession of Pharmacy Careers II
PYCH-1600 General Psychology
PYCH-2610 Statistics
SOC-1300 Introduction to Sociology
SWK-2840 Concepts of Chemical Dependency
SWK-2900 Ethics-Helping Professions
SWK-3010 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
SWK-3110 Social Welfare Programs and Policy
SWK-4210 Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations
THMU-1010 Introduction to Music Theory and Aural Skills - coming soon!
Code Title
ECS-6550 Special Topics in Curriculum: Bioethics for Educators
ECS-6550 Special Topics in Curriculum: Abstinence - coming soon!
ECS-7000 Curriculum Theory: Analysis & Design
ECS-7100 Curriculum Theory: Implementation & Evaluation - coming soon!
EDU-6000 Learning Theory
EDU-6100 History & Philosophy of Education
EDU-6150 Diversity & Social Issues in Education
EDU-6250 Statistical Reasoning in Education
EDU-6300 Program & Outcome Assessment
EDU-6400 Intervention Strategies & Techniques
EDU-6700 Technology in Education
EDU-7200 Research Design
NSG-6200 Philosophy and Theology of Health, Healing, and Illness
NSG-6210 Global Health and Vulnerable Populations
NSG-6220 Epidemiology
NSG-6230 Population Based Health Care Management - coming soon!