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A survey of the major individuals, events, and ideas of the period spanning the mid-seventeenth century to the end of the eighteenth century, known as the Enlightenment. Included is a study of the changing political landscape, the rise of France and Great Britain as major European powers, the continued fragmentation of the German states as well as the growing power of Prussia, the origin and diffusion of new ideas in philosophy, theology, science, economics, and politics, and the lives of a number of influential individuals of the period. A survey of the period running from about 1789 to 1918. The course follows the major political and ideological shifts of the nineteenth century, especially the various revolutions of the period, as well as the major ideas such as evolutionary thought, classical liberalism, laissez faire, socialism, and idealism. Also covered is the Industrial Revolution and geographic focus on Germany and England.

Academic Level:
History and Government [HG]
History [HIST]
Terms Offered:
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2006SP, 2007SP, 2008SP, 2009SP, 2009S4, 2010SP, 2011SP, 2013SP, 2014SP, 2015SP, 2016SP, 2017SP

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