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Course KeyCourse Title
PHYS-1010College Physics I
PHYS-1020College Physics II
PHYS-2110General Physics I
PHYS-2120General Physics II
PHYS-2130General Physics III
PHYS-3110Intermediate Physics Laboratory
PHYS-3310Theoretical Mechanics I
PHYS-3350Thermal Physics
PHYS-3410Electromagnetic Theory I
PHYS-3450Basics of Instrumentation
PHYS-3510Modern Physics
PHYS-3800Research Methods in Physics
PHYS-4110Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHYS-4210Mathematical Methods for Physicists
PHYS-4310Theoretical Mechanics II
PHYS-4410Electromagnetic Theory II
PHYS-4520Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS-4530Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS-4800Senior Seminar-Physics
PHYS-4880Topics in Physics
PHYS-4900Independent Study in Physics