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Course KeyCourse Title
ARBC-1400Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture
ARBC-1410Elementary Arabic I
ARBC-1420Elementary Arabic II
ARBC-2410Intermediate Arabic I
ARBC-2420Intermediate Arabic II
ARBC-3500Independent Study in Arabic Language And Culture
CHN-1100Elementary Chinese I
CHN-1200Elementary Chinese II
EAP-1100Academic English for Writing and Reading
EAP-1200Academic English for Speaking & Speaking
EAP-1300Contemporary American Culture
ENG-1100Composition I
ENG-2070Fundamentals of English Grammar
ENG-2210Principles of Journalism
ENG-2220Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG-2230Advanced Composition
ENG-3010Style and Mechanics for Writers
ENG-3020Creative Writing: Short Forms
ENG-3030Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG-3040Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG-3050Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENG-3060The English Language
ENG-3070English Grammar
ENG-3180Visual Rhetoric
ENG-3200Practicum in Writing Instruction
ENG-3220Advanced Journalism
ENG-3550Writing Center Theory & Training
ENG-3620Practicum in Journalism
ENG-4030Advanced Workshop: Fiction
ENG-4040Advanced Workshop: Poetry
ENG-4050Advanced Workshop: Nonfiction
ENG-4200Methods of Teaching Writing
ENG-4230Independent Study in English
ENG-4345Creative Writing: Portfolio & Performance
ENG-900Writing Studio
FILM-2350Christian Motifs in Film
FREN-1910Elementary French I
FREN-1920Elementary French II
FREN-2910Intermediate French I
FREN-2920Intermediate French II
FREN-3910French Conversation
FREN-3920Contemporary French Culture
FREN-3930Survey of French Literature
GER-1810Elementary German I
GER-1820Elementary German II
GER-2810Intermediate German I
GER-2820Intermediate German II
GER-3800Special Topics in German
GER-3810German Conversation and Composition
GER-3820Germanic Hist & Culture
GER-3830Survey of German Literature
LING-2070Introduction to Linguistics
LING-3080Linguistics for Language Learning
LING-3100Principles of Language Acquisition
LING-3500Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
LING-3710TESOL Practicum for Non-Education Majors
LING-4100Advanced Linguistics/Field Methods
LIT-1990First-Year Seminar
LIT-2090Literary Analysis
LIT-2120History of Literary Criticism
LIT-2130Dramatic Literature
LIT-2300Introduction to Literature
LIT-2330World Mythology
LIT-2340Western Literature
LIT-2390Survey of American Literature to 1900
LIT-2430Survey of British Literature to 1800
LIT-2440Survey of British Literature From 1800
LIT-3090Literary Research and Recovery
LIT-3100Contemporary Young Adult Literature
LIT-3170American Literature: 1820-1865
LIT-3180American Lit: 1865-1914
LIT-3230Directed Readings
LIT-3240Directed Writings
LIT-3310English Novel
LIT-3320Renaissance Literature
LIT-333018th Century British Literature
LIT-3340British Romantic and Victorian Literature
LIT-3380Contemporary British Literature
LIT-3400Contemporary Studies in World Literature
LIT-3420American Novel
LIT-3430Literature of the American South
LIT-3440Multiethnic American Literature
LIT-3450Contemporary Poetry
LIT-3460Contemporary East Asian Literature
LIT-3510Modern American Literature
LIT-3520C.S. Lewis and the Inklings
LIT-3530The Graphic Novel
LIT-3540American Women Writers
LIT-4100Studies in Integrated Language Arts Arts
LIT-4220English Seminar
LIT-4230Independent Study in Literature
LIT-4310Literary Theory
LIT-4420European Novel
LIT-4450Milton: Poetry and Selected Prose
LIT-4490Special Topics
LIT-4510Recent American Literature:1945-Present
SPAN-1710Elementary Spanish I
SPAN-1720Elementary Spanish II
SPAN-1740Intensive Spanish
SPAN-2710Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-2720Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN-2760Spanish for Professionals
SPAN-3100Special Topics
SPAN-3500Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
SPAN-3610Spanish Composition
SPAN-3620Spanish Conversation
SPAN-3640Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPAN-3670Intro to Translation
SPAN-3680History of Hispanics in the U.S.
SPAN-3690Hispanic Film
SPAN-4610Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPAN-4640Research in Language and Culture
SPAN-4650Civilization & Literature of Latin America I
SPAN-4670Civilization & Literature of Latin America II
SPAN-4680Advanced Converation & Composition
SPAN-4700Independent Study in Spanish
SPAN-4740Civilization & Literature of Spain I
SPAN-4750Civilization & Literature of Spain II
SPAN-479020th Century Spanish Theater