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Private Practice

Part-time, I have a private practice conducting forensic and clinical psychological evaluations. Forensic psychology is a specialization in assessing clients who are involved with governmental or legal issues for which evaluations are requested. Presently, I do not provide professional counseling services but, rather, my private practice specifically focuses on psychological evaluations.

General psychological evaluations that I have conducted include:

  • pre-sugery
  • adoption families
  • mental retardation
  • autism
  • learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • employment assessments

Forensic evaluations that I have conducted include:

  • child custody
  • parenting
  • sex offender
  • substance abuse
  • competency to stand trial
  • Miranda waiver evaluations
  • personal injury
  • Bureau of Disability Services
  • parole
  • risk assessments
  • Rule 30 (bind-over from the juvenile to adult system)

Additional services to attorneys include case consultations, reviews for standards of care, second-opinion evaluations, and expert testimony. Other than custody evaluations, generally I have reports in the hands of referral sources within one week of the scheduled appointment. Immediate, weekend, and evening appointments are available to accommodate client work schedules.

For private practice services, I may be reached at 937-760-9484 and

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