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Route 2: Applying to Medical School

Cedarville University Dept of Math and Science

Route 2

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Route 2: Applying to Medical School


Medical schools impressed with your secondary application will request that you come for a school visit and a series of interviews. Here are some tips for an effective interview:

  • Be prepared - know as much about the school as possible.
  • Dress professionally (but be comfortable, don't overdo it).
  • Arrive a bit early.
  • Be polite, cordial, and honest.
  • Remember the name of your interviewer.
  • Be prepared to discuss things logically and intelligently.
  • Don't ramble or get overly emotional.
  • Be prepared with some questions of your own about the school.
  • Stay calm, even if asked a controversial question. Often an interviewer is more concerned about how you answer a question, and if you have good reasons for your opinion. Whether he or she agrees with you is usually not as important.
  • Make good eye contact.
  • Be yourself!


After your medical school visit and interview, follow up by telephone if you do not get a definite response within a few weeks (follow the guidelines of the school on this). This demonstrates that you are still interested, and may remind the committee of your application.