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Oct 9 2009
Effecting Positive Change
Patrick Oliver, director of the criminal justice program, leads a major urban police force review of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)... continue »

Oct 9 2009
Students Invited to Attend Criminal Justice Day
Cedarville, Ohio—According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the demand for law enforcement officers and corrections workers... continue »

Sep 25 2009
Students Invited to Attend Social Work Day
Cedarville, Ohio—On Saturday, Oct. 10, Cedarville University will host an event for high school students looking to pursue a... continue »

May 25 2009
Experience and Passion Drive Professor's Teaching
When Patrick Oliver, director of the criminal justice program at Cedarville University, first set foot on campus, he already had... continue »

Mar 24 2009
Ekplesso Hosts Fair Trade Event
Cedarville, Ohio—Imagine working more than 60 hours a week and being paid only pennies for your labor. That’s exactly... continue »

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