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Financial Services Checkpoint

Accepted Students

With this Checkpoint, you’ll find the tools you need to see your estimated costs, learn what scholarships and grants have been awarded, and understand your payment options. You’ll also be able to contact a Financial Aid representative if you need assistance.

We understand the life-changing value of a world-class, Christ-centered education. We are committed to making Cedarville accessible and affordable, giving you options as you plan for your Cedarville experience.

To Do:

View your awards, make decisions related to loan options, ask a question, and more.

Cedarville University sends all monthly statements and semester/term statements to students via their Cedarville email account. Paperless billing is designed to give you quick access to your account information and increase parent access. As always, your account information will be available 24/7 online through Student Finance. If you have questions about your student statement, please contact our Cashiers Office. If you are using Parent Plus or private loans to help pay your statement, your loan decisions must be approved and ready to be disbursed by August 10, 2015 (Fall) or January 5, 2015 (Spring) to avoid late fees & or interest.

In accordance with federal regulations (FERPA), Cedarville University is committed to protecting the rights of students who are attending or who have attended the University. One area covered by FERPA is your right to privacy regarding your financial information. However, you may consent to release financial information to another individual by completing the "Manage Privacy Permissions" form in CedarInfo. If you do not sign and complete this form, we will not release any of your financial information to anyone (including your parent[s]/guardian[s] or spouse). Online access through our website is granted with a different process that can be reviewed on the Email and Online Resources checkpoint page.

Using a helpful online calculator, see what options are available to meet your needs.
Explore convenient payment options to meet your family's budget.
View an online presentation, get ideas, and plan financially for college.