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Student Life Checkpoint

Accepted Students

You're getting ready to make Cedarville your home — here's the information you need choose your residence hall.

To Do:

Residence Life

Cedarville University requires all unmarried students under 23, taking seven or more credit hours and not living with their parents, to live in the residence halls. Students who want to live off campus must complete an off-campus application through the Residence Life website.

Housing assignments are made by the Residence Life Deans based on availability in our residence halls. Any housing or roommate requests should be made to the appropriate Dean.

Any changes to a housing request must be made with the Residence Life Deans. Once housing assignments are made, opportunities for change are limited and may not be possible.

Please note that your student health forms must be received by University Medical Services before you are allowed to move into a residence hall.

Personal Property

Cedarville is not responsible for theft or damage that occurs to your personal property while living in University-owned housing. Students who are not covered by their parents' homeowner's insurance should consider purchasing renter's insurance.

Meal Plan

All students living in the residence halls are required to carry a meal plan. Information regarding meal plan options is provided by the Cashiers Office. 

Select a Meal Plan

Residence Hall Closings

The residence halls remain open for all breaks except Christmas. There is limited food service available during fall and Easter breaks. However, the dining hall is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks.

Students With a Disability

Any student with a disability who requires special housing arrangements should contact disability services to complete the necessary paperwork at least four months before enrolling at Cedarville, in order for housing accommodations to be considered.

Cedarville University places a high priority on wellness. You'll benefit from ready access to helpful information, healthy dining options, and a wide range of fitness opportunities. When you are dealing with illness or injury, University Medical Services (UMS) provides many evaluation and treatment services right on campus.

Below are listed several important forms related to your medical history and insurance.

Note: These forms must be returned to Cedarville before you arrive on campus, or you will not be able to move in to a residence hall.


Complete and return the following forms by January 1. (requires Adobe Reader)

Print and complete these forms using black ink. We suggest making a copy before sending to UMS. Please note that additional postage may be required. Mail to:

Cedarville University
University Medical Services
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314


There are no restrictions on vehicle registration. However, for academic reasons, freshmen are discouraged from bringing a vehicle their first semester. Please understand that parking is limited and upperclassmen are given priority. All vehicles parked on campus must be registered with Campus Safety.

Cedarville University is intentional about creating a Christ-centered community, rigorous in our pursuit of scholarship, and balanced in our approach to Christian lifestyle.

We call our student handbook The Cedarville Experience because it includes many of the guidelines and principles that will shape your time at Cedarville. It is based on a set of core values and the Cedarville Covenant which shape each student's experience at Cedarville University.