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Freshman »

Use the freshman application if you have graduated or will be graduating from high school or its equivalent (GED, HiSET, TASC), you have attempted fewer than 12 college credits after graduation from high school, and you intend to begin undergraduate studies as a first year freshman.

Transfer »

Use the transfer application if you are a high school graduate and have enrolled in 12 or more college credits following graduation from high school.

College Now »

Use the College Now / College Credit Plus application if you are interested in college level courses before you graduate from high school.

Graduate »

Use the graduate application if you have graduated or will be graduating from a bachelor's degree program and intend to pursue a graduate program.

All Others »

Use the "All Others" button if you are interested in the following:

  • Readmit Application (Returning to Cedarville)
  • Post Baccalaureate Application
  • Faculty/Staff Application
  • Short App (College Now to Freshman)
  • Any other Cedarville Application

If at any time you have any questions concerning the application process, feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-CEDARVILLE or send an email to