College Now students smile for a picture by Cedar Lake

Next Steps for Accepted Students

  1. Admission Requirements
  2. College Credit Plus (Ohio)
  3. Family Pay Option
  4. College Now in the Classroom
  5. Summer Scholars
  6. Courses
  7. Costs
  8. Deadlines
  9. Accepted Students
  10. Contact Us

Welcome to Cedarville University College Now! Whether you are a new student or ready to sign up for another semester, you may be asking “What’s next?”

The information presented in Steps 1–8 are critical to your success in this program. You should take time to visit all the links before your course begins and ask your program advisor for clarity on any information that you do not understand. As you progress through your course, many of your questions will be answered in one of these 8 steps. Please bookmark this webpage for easy reference. 

  1. Log in to CedarInfo
  2. Access Email
  3. Obtain Textbooks
  4. Review Billing and Student Account
  5. Get to Know CU Learn (Moodle)
  6. Access Essential Resources
  7. Find Your Grades
  8. Share Info with Parents

Have more questions?

See FAQs for answers to common questions. For any questions not answered here, contact your program advisor. We are excited to have you as part of our community! We look forward to helping you meet your goal of earning college credit while you are still in high school.