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Online Course Tour

CU Learn (Moodle)

CU Learn (Moodle) is Cedarville’s learning management system (LMS). CU Learn (Moodle) is primarily used for Cedarville’s online courses. However, several on campus classes also utilize CU Learn (Moodle) to post quizzes and grades.

Online Learning

Cedarville’s online courses are designed to help students engage with rich content in order to master specific learning objectives. The focus is on active student learning. Learning activities such as audio and video content, peer-to-peer interaction, self-directed assignments and group work along with professor mentoring and feedback is delivered through a web-based learning management system called CU Learn (Moodle).

For more information about online learning, please view the College Now FAQ.

Accessing CU Learn (Moodle)

There are two ways to access CU Learn (Moodle):

Log in with your CedarNet username and password you created when applying for admission. If you cannot remember your username or password, contact Information Technology and ask them to help you reset your username and/or password.

CU Learn (Moodle) Orientation

Once you login, you should have access to a class called, “ORNT_3001_01 Getting Started in CU Learn (Moodle): Orientation for Students.” Select the course name to enter the class and work through the different activities* listed in the class.

*The CU Learn (Moodle) orientation activities are not difficult. However, it is important you take time to complete each activity to ensure your computer is compatible with CU Learn (Moodle). If you will be using multiple computers for the course, I would recommend working through the CU Learn (Moodle) orientation on each computer.

Finding Your Semester Courses

It is not required that your semester classes show in CU Learn (Moodle) until the first day of the semester. Before the semester begins, you may see your courses listed in CU Learn (Moodle) but then they may also disappear. This is normal. Professors can “hide” courses at any point before the semester to make changes to the class.

Here are your steps for the first day of class:

  1. Access CU Learn (Moodle) and select your course from the course list.
  2. Review the course syllabus and all assignments due for week 1. 
  3. Complete any introductory activities outlined for the course.
  4. Log in to CU Learn (Moodle) daily from this point forward to complete assignments and check for messages from your peers and messages or announcements from your professors.

Communicating With The Instructor

Your instructor is the main contact for your course. You can find your professor name and contact information in the course info section at the very top of the course in CU Learn (Moodle). Contact the instructor with questions or concerns related to your specific course such as CU Learn (Moodle) issues, class assignments, course material, etc.

Professors may also communicate with students via professor announcements in CU Learn (Moodle) or e-mail. Make sure you are regularly checking both areas for communication from your professor.