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College Credit Plus (CCP)

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Cedarville University is pleased to serve Ohio residents by participating in College Credit Plus. If this FAQ does not address your questions, contact a program advisor for more information. 

What is College Credit Plus?

College Credit Plus (CCP) replaces Ohio's Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) beginning with the 2015-16 school year. CCP allows qualified Ohio students in grades 7-12 to earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. CCP students may take courses for free through Cedarville University College Now and can register for online or on-campus courses.

Visit Ohio Higher Ed's website to view rules and background information for College Credit Plus.

How are online courses structured?

Cedarville’s online courses are developed in the Center for Teaching and Learning to take best advantage of online learning technology and pedagogy. Courses are asynchronous, meaning that there is no set time that you will meet together with your entire class. Courses are divided into one-week units, so you can accomplish weekly requirements at your own convenience as long as you keep up with the course calendar.

Courses are typically formatted into 14-week or 16 week periods. A three-semester-hour course that runs 14 or 16 weeks will require about 8-10 hours of study time per week. Students who set aside time daily to interact with course material will experience the most success.

Online courses are necessarily more student-centered than face-to-face classes. Required learning activities also include reading, writing, discussion boards, quizzes, tests, and group projects. When video content is included, it is made up of smaller, more focused clips. Sometimes these are instructional videos, but often these clips deliver content to which the student must react in writing.

Online courses that have labs (Principles of Biology or Principles of Earth Science) require access to a virtual lab.

Your computer must meet these basic and minimum requirements, and you must have access to high-speed Internet.

What are the criteria for admission to CCP?

View admission criteria required to be considered for CCP at Cedarville.

What if I decide to drop a course?

Drop/refund deadlines for College Now/CCP students differ from drop/refund deadlines posted on the registrar's website for undergraduate students. Your College Now program advisor will inform you of the deadlines and send periodic reminders to your Cedarville University email account. If you have questions about the drop/refund process, contact your program advisor.

Before dropping a course, consult with your program advisor and with your high school guidance counselor, carefully considering the impact on both high school graduation requirements and your college transcript. You may need to consider the impact on high school athletic eligibility.

To initiate the process of dropping a course, contact your program advisor.

Will Cedarville’s CCP courses meet Ohio high school requirements?

Yes. Public and private school students should contact their high school guidance counselor for more information. Home school students should verify Ohio graduation requirements through the Ohio Department of Education (

Will Cedarville’s CCP courses transfer to other universities?

Yes. Cedarville University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( and is certified by the Ohio Board of Regents. You should contact the registrar's office of a receiving institution prior to registering for any college course to confirm transferability of credit.

What is the timeline for CCP application submissions?

  • Attend your high school's annual CCP informational session. These meetings must be held between October 1 and February 15 each year. Check with your guidance counselor for more information.
  • Apply early for admission to Cedarville University College Credit Plus by completing the online application. View application and registration deadlines.

I attend an Ohio private school. What is my timeline for CCP application submission?

  • Attend your high school’s annual CCP informational session. This meeting must be held between October 1 and February 15. Check with your school counselor for more information.
  • Your school counselor will have information regarding deadlines for Intent to Participate forms and deadlines for the application for funding.
  • It is the student's responsibility to complete all paperwork and submit it on time to the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Apply early for admission to Cedarville University College Now by completing the online application.

I am homeschooled. What is my timeline for CCP application submission?

  • The Intent to Participate Form is posted on the Ohio Higher Ed website and must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by April 1.
  • Follow instructions and deadline posted on Ohio Higher Ed's website for your funding application.
  • It is the student's responsibility to complete all paperwork and submit it on time to the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Apply early for admission to Cedarville University College Now by completing the online application.

What is Cedarville’s IRN?

Cedarville's IRN (information retrieval number) is 063636.

Where can I find Cedarville University's academic program requirements?

You can easily view program requirements for Cedarville's majors and minors along with career opportunities associated with each program.

View Cedarville's undergraduate academic course catalog.

What courses can I take?

The College Credit Plus Course Eligibility rule went into effect starting summer term of the 2018-19 academic year, specifying which courses were eligible for funding under College Credit Plus. Per this legislation, all Level 1 courses are listed on the College Now Courses page.  For students taking Level 2 courses, College Credit Plus students may take any course for which they have met prerequisites and which is non-sectarian.*

*Courses that the Ohio Department of Education deems to be "sectarian" in nature will not be covered by College Credit Plus funding. These courses are denoted with an asterisk on the College Now list of online courses. Students should contact their CU program advisor to be certain whether any on-campus course is eligible for College Credit Plus funding. Students may enroll in non-CCP courses through our low-cost Family Pay Option. CCP courses and Family Pay Option courses may be taken at the same time.

What are my next steps after acceptance?

  1. You will receive an acceptance letter in the mail from Cedarville University Admissions.*
  2. You must complete the online College Now Orientation (Session 1) prior to meeting with an advisor. 
  3. After completing the College Now Orientation (Session 1), you will be contacted by a program advisor to schedule an advising conversation. During this appointment you will discuss course choice, registration instructions, and next steps. Please e-mail if you would like to initiate contact with your advisor.
  4. You must complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement. All students are required to electronically sign this agreement, even those who have CCP funding. If you are not able to access this agreement, please contact your program advisor for help.
  5. You must submit a completed CCP Course Request Form with required signatures.**

*Acceptance into College Now/College Credit Plus at Cedarville University does not equal admission to Cedarville University undergraduate degree programs. Applying is an easy process! Contact Cedarville University Admissions.

**Degree-seeking students at Cedarville University have course selection priority. College Credit Plus students will be registered on a space-available basis. Cedarville University reserves the right to cancel classes, to change instructors, or to limit registration in courses. College Credit Plus students are strongly encouraged to submit all paperwork early to ensure availability in the courses of their choosing.

Is there an orientation day before class begins?

Yes, College Now Orientation Day is held annually in early August.

What about textbooks?

  • Public and private high schools are required to provide textbooks for their CCP students attending Cedarville University, and Cedarville University is required to waive all course fees. 
  • Home school students who have CCP funding may take advantage of the Cedarville University Bookstore's low-cost textbook rental system. You may speak with your College Now program advisor to get an estimate of textbook costs before you register for class.
  • To view the information posted at Ohio Higher Ed regarding textbooks, visit, Section B: FAQs for Home School and Nonpublic High School Students/Parents, question 3.

Can I take a CCP class in the summer?

Yes! CCP funding can be used in the summer term for courses that qualify.