College Planning Webinars

Take advantage of four FREE webinars that offer practical information and advice for parents of high school students. Each webinar will focus on a relevant topic and provide you the opportunity to interact with Cedarville faculty, staff, or our professional colleagues.

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2017–2018 Parent Webinar Series

Expert Tips for Completing the 2018-19 FAFSA

The FAFSA is required to access all need-based scholarships at Cedarville as well as state and federal grants. Join our associate director of financial aid as he explains the FAFSA so you can successfully complete it and avoid unnecessary errors or processing delays. (recorded 10/10/17)

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Keys for Career Exploration

50-60% of college students will change their major. 40% of college graduates get to graduation day wishing they were earning a different degree. 65-85% of Americans dislike their job. Clearly, career dissatisfaction is a common issue. But there is an answer!

Cedarville University's director of career services and a certified professional career coach, Jeff Reep, discusses how students can engage in career exploration early and often. Without it, college freshmen choose majors based on vague ideas of future lifestyle, but no true knowledge of their options or of the ways God has equipped them to serve His purposes. A college education is a significant investment and selecting a major is a significant choice.

Why Wait to Graduate High School? Take College Courses Now! (2018)

Learn more about how your high school student can enroll in college courses and earn both high school and college credit through College Now and College Credit Plus! Cedarville University College Now courses are available online as well as on campus.

Can We Really Make It Work? Funding Your Cedarville Education

In this highly practical and informative presentation, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the financial aspects of your student’s Cedarville education. We’ll help you create a custom financial plan that can make it possible for your student to attend Cedarville this fall.

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Webinars will be online on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT/EST.  Participate in real time or visit the website to view archived webinars.