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Stephen Schindler

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Stephen Schindler

My Bio

  • If I were a CU student... I would attend every men's soccer game as possible, and be intentional about meeting as many people as you can. I built lifelong friendships/relationships here, and I know you will as well. 
  • What is something that would surprise others about you? It often surprises people that I want to go to every major league ballpark. I've currently been to 12, and have a long way to go. 
  •  Best restaurant in the area: The best restaurant in the area is Chick-Fil-A. The best restaurant in every area is Chick-Fil-A. 
  • What sets Cedarville apart from other colleges and universities? Cedarville continues to offer academics at an incredibly high level while also providing a genuine and sincere Christ-centered atmosphere. 
  • How long have you worked at CU? I'm in my fourth year. 
  • Hometown: Newport News, VA 
  • Degree: Pastoral Studies 
  • Best place to visit around Cedarville: Because I'm an avid baseball fan, Great American Ballpark, home of Cincinnati Reds, is a fun night at the park.

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