Graduate student studies in coffee shop

Register for Classes

Orientation Modules

  1. Begin Your Journey
  2. Meet Your Guides
  3. Tour the Learning Environment
  4. Review Skills for Success
  5. Information Technology
  6. University Bookstore
  7. Campus Safety
  8. Centennial Library
  9. Writing Center
  10. The Cove
  11. International Students
  12. Register for Classes
  13. Complete Your Financial Details
  14. Connect with the CU Community
  15. Begin Your Studies
  1. Contact your program adviser.
  2. Complete your financial responsibility agreement.
  3. View current and future graduate course schedules.
  4. Review Using Student Planning to know how to plan (i.e., schedule) your classes for current and future terms.
  5. Review Registering with Student Planning to know how to register for your planned (i.e., scheduled) classes.
  6. Register for your classes by using Student Planning when the registration period is active for the appropriate term.
  7. Confirm that you have registered for your classes in an active term by reviewing the "My Progress" tab in Student Planning.  
    • Registered classes in an active term will have an "In-Progress" indicator (green font).  
    • Planned classes for future terms will have a "Planned" indicator (yellow font).