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Admissions Helpful How-to Videos

We’ve created informative videos to assist you as you navigate your journey toward Cedarville. From planning your first visit to financing your education, our experts will provide you with the information you need to know.

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How Do Chapel and the Bible Minor Contribute to Spiritual Growth?

Daily chapel and Bible minor courses will challenge you to live out your faith and make Scripture central to every part of your life.

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Selecting a Visit Option

The best way to get to know Cedarville is to visit campus, and we have several visit options to choose from. From our most popular CU Friday to a day planned just for you, choose a visit that matches your interests and schedule.

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Online Resources for Accepted Students

Once you've been accepted to Cedarville, you’ll want to become familiar with two key online resources, which will help you as you prepare to start your Cedarville journey.

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Applying to Cedarville

Discover all you need to know to apply for undergraduate admission to Cedarville University.