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Diversity at Cedarville

October 14, 2011

Diversity is a word that we hear often here at Cedarville University. The university is striving to become more and more diverse in the way our campus looks, and in our thinking and awareness of cultures. There are people on this campus such as Dr. Carl Ruby and Jon Purple, who encourage the student body to see the campus in a way that reflects the kingdom of God.

It is so encouraging to see this effort from the student body and staff. They to strive to create a great atmosphere for students of different cultures to come to Cedarville University and be an intricate part of what God is doing here on campus. There are so many events that take place to encourage diversity on campus. I have a friend named Shaun Frazier, a senior Psychology major, who is really involved at Cedarville. He serves on the student government as the student relations director. His job is to keep the university aware and sensitive to the different cultures here at Cedarville. Recently they put on an event called Cultural Celebration Party and it truly was amazing. They encouraged people to make food from different cultures and share it. Along with food, there was live music, from jazz, to Latin, to line dancing! It was incredible! The event emphasized that we are all a part of the body of Christ, and even though we may look different we all are one in Christ. Check out this video made by the student relations team, and produced by Samuel Cowden.