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Fall Fun in Cedarville

September 26, 2011

Fall is my all time favorite season of the year. The air becomes crisp, the humidity is gone, and the leaves start to change and fall. Here in Cedarville there are lots of fun things to do to enjoy the crisp, cool air. Here is a list of some of the things I love to do in the fall around Cedarville.

  1. Soccer games-There are always men’s and women’s soccer games to attend. It is perfect feeling when you sit under the lights in the crisp air and watch some soccer. 
  2. Yellow Springs Street Fair-This is an awesome street fair located 10 minutes from Cedarville. There are lots of cool vendors that sell food, jewelry, and random knickknacks. 
  3. Hiking-There are a lot of places around Cedarville to hike. It is great to hike especially when fall comes around. You can enjoy hiking with the beautiful foliage. Some places to visit are John Bryan, Indian Mounds, Clifton Mill, The Gorge, and Glen Helen.
  4. Fall Fest-This is an event that Cedarville holds near homecoming and there are lots of games and food available. It is always a good time! It is a great time to spend with friends outside. 
  5. Homecoming parade-Many of the orgs on our campus will make floats to show in the parade. Last year, the theme was “Roadtrip”. An example of the winning float was a men’s org who dressed up like the Israelites crossing the Jordan River and they carried the Ark of the Covenant. This year the theme is “Beautiful Things”. It will be interesting to see what students will come up with for their floats.
  6. Outdoor movies-Another fun thing that occurs in Cedarville is outdoor movies. It depends on the number each year but there is always at least one or two. It is a fun time to enjoy the weather while it is still nice out. 
  7. Bonfires- It is the best to sit by a bonfire when the air is nice and crisp. Many students who live off campus have access to making a fire in their backyard. It is fun to meet up with friends and chill by the fire. 
  8. Corn mazes- Since Cedarville is out in the middle of a cornfield there is great access to corn mazes. These can be fun adventures with friends or even a good idea for a pick-a-date (If you don’t know what a pick-a-date is then you are missing out. This is an event that either a group of guys or girls plans. This group then sets up blind dates for everyone in the group. The day of the event you meet your date and you go on a planned event. They are usually fun, sometimes awkward, but always the brunt of jokes.) 
  9. Pfeifer’s Apple Orchard-This is an orchard located in Yellow Springs in which you can apple pick. They also have other fresh fruits and vegetables to buy. They also have AMAZING apple cider available to buy.
  10. Young’s Diary- This is a great place to come and have a great time. They have food, ice cream, putt putting, and you can even pick your own pumpkins there. 

Even though there may seem like there is not much to do here in Cedarville amidst the cornfields I always look forward to the change of leaves because of the enjoyable activities that come along with it!