Halfway Mark!

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Halfway Mark!

November 3, 2011

Here at Cedarville we just passed the halfway mark of the semester, and things moving right along. I thought I would give you some quick highlights of what's going on here at the 'ville. First, earlier this month, Cedarville hosted an immigration conference, which was awesome!! The speakers who came really helped us start thinking about the issue of immigration and what our response should be as Christians. Second, recently in chapel we had Mike Yankowski, author of the book, Under the Overpass. He challenged to student body to live out the gospel by loving "the least of these." He also shared his personal story of choosing to be homeless for five months in order to get a better picture of what it means to live on the streets of America.

Not everything is serious around here though. Last weekend Cedarville had an Alt night. Alt night is fun alternative to going out and paying a lot of money to do something fun on a Friday night. For this Alt night, there was a movie (Captain America), games in our student center, music, a costume contest, food, and even a comedy show. This event also serves as opportunity for students to take the money they would normally spend if they went out, and give it instead to a ministry. This year the student body is supporting two ministries: The Cleft and Joy Ranch Home For Children. This past weekend we also had one of the best events of fall semester: Moonlight Madness. This is the opening game for the Cedarville men’s basketball team and always is exciting and lots of fun. Check out some pictures in the Cedarville Faceook album.

So that's an update of what's going on around here. If you haven't applied yet to Cedarville University, there is still time! Cedarville is currently accepting both fall 2012 and spring 2012 applications. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to find the answer (or at least point you to right person!).