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In 2011, more than 3 million students, enrolled in more than 2,100 colleges and universities nationwide, completed the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI). They responded to 85 questions about key areas of the student experience including academics, student life, financial aid, and campus climate, to name a few.

When Cedarville students took this survey in 2007, their responses put Cedarville at the top of the list in seven of the 85 questions. Among colleges and universities in the CCCU, Cedarville’s scores were the highest in 22 of 85 questions. Can you beat that?

Apparently, yes, we can.

Our students’ responses were higher than the national average on 99 percent of the SSI. Cedarville scored higher than CCCU schools on all 12 scales. In five of the seven questions where we had already reached #1 nationally, our students still managed to raise our scores. Student satisfaction at Cedarville is the highest it’s ever been.

We are who we say we are.

These SSI results suggest that what we say about Cedarville rings true. Students, parents, and alumni can take us at our word when we say our programs are Christ-centered, rigorous, intentional, and balanced.

Cedarville students overwhelmingly affirm that:

  • My understanding of God is strengthened and I’m growing spiritually
  • Cedarville demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence and instruction in my major is excellent
  • My tuition paid is worthwhile
  • It’s enjoyable to be a student here

We deliver on our promises to students.

We are not recruiting freshmen, we are recruiting graduates. We have structured the student experience to that end. Students recognize that Cedarville provides what they need to succeed, and they value both challenge and support as they transition from students to alumni.

In the following four areas students ranked as most important they also gave high scores:

  • Instruction in my major is excellent
  • It is enjoyable to be a student on this campus
  • This institution and its people are committed to my success
  • My academic advisor is approachable and helpful

We are always improving.

Student satisfaction at Cedarville was already #1 in the nation for our commitment to excellence, variety of courses on campus, career services resources, weekend activities, and equal opportunities for men and women in intercollegiate athletics. But we didn’t stop there. Since the previous SSI in 2007, we received even higher scores in these and other areas, notably recruitment, financial aid, and advising.

It says something important about Cedarville that we regularly ask students for feedback, listen to what they say, and follow through with improvements to make the student experience the best that it can be. We are pleased and grateful to know our students believe in Cedarville as much as we believe in them.

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