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Am I a Transfer?

Top Schools Students Transferred From Since 2008

Bob Jones University - SC
Clark State Community College - OH
College of DuPage - IL
Columbus State Community College - OH
Grand Rapids Community College - MI
Harrisburg Area Community College - PA
Liberty University - VA
Messiah College - PA
Patrick Henry College - VA
Sinclair Community College - OH
Taylor University - IN
University of Akron - OH
Word of Life Bible Institute - NY
Wright State University - OH

It may seem like a simple question, but not every student who has attended another university is classified as a transfer student when he or she enrolls at Cedarville.

To be officially classified as a transfer, you must be a high school graduate and have enrolled in 12 or more college credits following graduation from high school.

What difference does it make?

Transfer students receive priority in scheduling classes. Also, scholarship and grant opportunities vary for transfer students and new freshmen. Knowing if you will be classified as a transfer student can help you determine when to enroll at Cedarville and how to maximize your financial aid opportunities.

Transfer Scenario Questions