Cedarville's Center for Biblical and Theological Studies glowing in the evening light

Top 10 Reasons to Transfer to Cedarville University

Christ-Centered Focus

Faith permeates all aspects of the University. Missions and ministry are integrated into every facet of your Cedarville life. Inspiring daily chapels, our one-of-a-kind Bible minor, worldwide ministry opportunities, and a biblical perspective in the classroom all lead to a distinctly Christ-centered experience.

Top-Notch Academics

Since it was founded in 1887, Cedarville has stood as a citadel of academic excellence, with 111 areas of study and top rankings in national academic competitions. We have built our global reputation on strong studies, quality research, and a faculty that believes in mentoring and guiding its students.

Rigorous Expectations

Excellence is expected from everyone at Cedarville. As a member of the Cedarville community, you will receive the support and resources necessary to reach your highest potential of academic achievement. And you will discover that Cedarville has earned its reputation as one of the nation's best colleges.

Balanced Perspective

We are committed to maintaining complex balances without compromising our doctrinal or philosophical distinctives. This means you will be trained to be "in the world, but not of it." You'll also find we are ambitious, but not elitist; conservative, but not old-fashioned; relevant, but not relativistic.

Satisfied Students

From student life to curriculum design, our goal is that you possess the expertise and character needed to engage your professional, social and political spheres-of-influence with truth from God's unchanging Word. And our students appreciate our efforts. In a recent national survey, they ranked us #1 among all participating colleges in several key areas.

Life-Changing Ministry

Cedarville offers you numerous possibilities to be involved in ministry. Over 100 teams serve in local churches, schools, social agencies, inner-city outreaches and community programs. Our traveling drama, music and puppet teams minister to audiences across the nation. You can also participate in a discipleship group, or join a missions or study abroad trip to nearly anywhere in the world.  

Highly Qualified Professors

Your profs (all with advanced degrees, no teaching assistants) will bring real-world experience and great teaching skills to the classroom — not to mention their hearts for God and for students. And many excel as authors, diplomats, doctors, engineers, social workers, teachers, and more.

Real-World Experience

From our KeyBank Trading Center to numerous internship and ministry opportunities, Cedarville University offers numerous avenues for you to immerse yourself in what interests you. We also have a thriving athletic program that will strengthen your skills and guide you toward a life of service.

Career Preparation

You will leave Cedarville not only with your degree, but with a blueprint for your future. From career assessments to one-on-one mentoring relationships to internships to resume and interview assistance, our goal is to steer you toward the career of your dreams — one where you will not only contribute your talents and abilities, but use them for ministry.

Proven Success

Whatever your dreams, Cedarville can help you reach them. Our graduates have gone on to work for NASA, the White House, Mayo Clinic, and the American Cancer Society. We've graduated best-selling authors, nationally known speakers, and Fortune 500 business executives.