McKenna Wright

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McKenna Adams

Transfer Admissions Counselor


If I were a CU student... I would take advantage of the study abroad programs! There isn’t a better time to see the world than when “your knees are still good”… I was told anyway! Cedarville offers numerous opportunities to see the world while getting a Christ-centered education! That’s not to mention most financial aid and scholarships are applied to the study abroad costs!

What is the best restaurant in the area? When you come to Cedarville, there is a place you will get to know well. It’s called Young’s Jersey Dairy! It is eight miles from campus. Students love going to Young’s for their ice-cream, but they also have tasty food options!

What sets CU apart from other college and universities? If I had to pick one thing, it would be the students. When walking around campus, you will find that the students here are genuinely kind and willing to give a helping hand! As an incoming student, it can be overwhelming trying to find buildings! Luckily, students are happy to stop and point you in the right direction! It definitely saved me multiple times from being late the first week of class!

Hometown? Momence, Illinois

Degree? I have a B.A. in business management

Best place to visit around Cedarville? I love to be out exploring God’s creation, especially if water is involved! Nearby we have multiple hiking areas with streams: Indian Mounds, Glen Hellen Nature Preserve and John Bryan State Park! I love to be in the outdoors and around nature. John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge are within minutes from Cedarville University. You can hike and bike the 752 acres and enjoy the nature preserve!

Bucket list item? Swim with a whale!

Territories? Iowa and Minnesota