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Meredith's Story

It was a convincing lie, and Meredith Carter believed it.

If she could achieve the flawlessly thin Hollywood look, she too could be pretty, popular, loved, and valued. In her quest to attain an impossible standard, she became another junior higher with an eating disorder. Her depression followed her through high school and into college.

With loving guidance from Cedarville’s experienced counseling services staff, Meredith broke free from the grip of depression and suicidal thoughts and wholly embraced life in Christ.

Transformed, she has dedicated her life to share a message of hope with girls just like her. As a junior student in 2010, Meredith founded Stealing Hollywood, an organization whose purpose is “to provide the hope of Christ to girls by combating the unattainable images of Hollywood.”

How does a student like Meredith develop the vision and tools to teach young girls about their unconditional worth in Jesus Christ? Certainly by the grace of God and also with your help.

“The opportunities I’ve had at Cedarville are preparing me to pursue what God has called me to do,” she said. If you gave any gift at all to the Cedarville Fund in the last three years, you had a part in changing Meredith Carter’s life. 

Meredith’s vision for Stealing Hollywood was shaped when she heard Dannah (Barker) Gresh ’89 speak in chapel. Dannah and her husband Bob ’88 founded Pure Freedom, a ministry that speaks to junior high girls about their precious worth in Jesus’ eyes. “I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Meredith said. 

  • Meredith’s academic advisor, Dr. Deb Haffey, helped her plan and balance her workload. Cedarville’s public relations director helped her arrange an interview about Stealing Hollywood on the K-Love Christian Radio Network. That interview, broadcast across the country, led to speaking engagements and events in Pennsylvania and North Dakota. “Everybody is just so willing to help me make my dream come true,” she said. 
  • “Classes like intro to speech, advanced public speaking, and communication in applied contexts taught me how to stand up in front of groups of girls and share my testimony in a powerful way,” said Meredith. In addition to her communication major, Meredith is pursuing a psychology minor. “I want to make sense of my own experience and use that understanding to give wise counsel to girls who need help.” 
  • “The Bible minor has been so valuable,” Meredith said. “Old Testament Survey has been my favorite class at Cedarville. Dr. Chris Miller is so good at asking, ‘Why do you believe this? Can you show me where you find support for that viewpoint in Scripture?’ I can speak with confidence about what I believe. 

The Cedarville Fund is committed to these core elements of the Cedarville experience. Will you please help provide a firm foundation for Cedarville students like Meredith?

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