As a child, I wanted to try every career I knew about, go everywhere, experience many different lives, and travel the world. So far, God has graciously allowed me to do that—with more goals yet to accomplish. I have raised a wonderful family, lived in many parts of this country, traveled around the world, am a published author, and have served in a myriad of capacities in a broad range of venues and environments: churches, K-12 schools, co-ops, universities, conventions, offices, hospitals, counseling centers, and community organizations.

Currently, the Lord is using my background as a writer, editor, researcher, and student of human personality, psychology, and sociology, along with my spiritual gift of encouragement and love for people to forward the worthy mission of Cedarville University. I prepare and write grants, steward relationships with private foundations and corporate grantmakers, and follow-up with donors.

Education and Credentials

  • B.A., English, (Summa cum laude), University of Redlands, Redlands, CA, 1974
  • M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling, Whitworth College, Spokane, WA, 1987
  • Courses pursuant to Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, University of Liverpool/Trinity Theological Seminary, Great Britain/Newburgh, IN, 1999-2004
  • Certified in Basic Critical Incident Stress Management, UMBC- and AACC-qualified, 2001
  • Board Certified Christian Counselor, International Board of Christian Counselors, 2008


  • Serving God
  • Family/Friends
  • Reading/Writing/Research
  • Hiking/ Walking
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Vocal and instrumental music
  • Interior decorating/ landscaping
  • Dogs

Contact Information