Students Need Your Help

Cedarville’s tuition is 25% less than other Christian universities of similar size, but even with exceptional value, many students need additional financial assistance. In fact, about 100 students withdraw every year for financial reasons when only an additional $2500 would allow them to remain. Your generosity keeps Cedarville within reach for those students. Establishing a scholarship is an excellent way to give students a distinctive education consistent with biblical truth.

Current Scholarships

Your scholarships make a significant difference in the lives of Cedarville students. View available scholarships for funds you can contribute to or find inspiration to create your own scholarship fund.

Create a Scholarship

We’d love to help you create your own scholarship at Cedarville. You can customize your scholarship by selecting the scholarship name, award criteria, and funding method. Take a few minutes to complete the form, and one of our scholarship specialists will be happy to contact you!

Photo of Trixie Dobney

Trixie Dobney

Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Scholarships

  • Location TYL 135 D
  • Phone 937-766-3219
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