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Pastor Rohm
Celebrating Pastor Rohm's Ministry to the Cedarville Family

In the 27 years that Pastor Bob Rohm has served at Cedarville University, he has been a profound influence in both the Cedarville family and the broader community. Whether through chapel sermons, ministry involvement, or individual mentorship, he has encouraged thousands of people to pursue Christ first in their lives. We are grateful for Pastor Rohm's years of dedicated commitment and servant leadership.

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Pastor Rohm is a Nathan; nothing can be evil spoken of him. Great man of godly character. A constant at CU over the years. Ministering to students and families at CU has been well received. Missions minded, student centered. Bob, you have many more years ahead in service to our great God. Your service and loyalty to CU, regardless of the challenge, has been impeccable.

Bill Amstutz '71

We are the parents of Lucas Baker and had the privilege of meeting Pastor Rohm while Luke was attending Cedarville Univerisity. When Luke and Megan (2006) decided to get married they wanted Pastor Rohm to marry them. I was shocked when he agreed. We just figured he didn't have the time but to our surprise he made the time. He did premarital counseling with them. He even drove 45 minutes to the church where they got married on Friday and Saturday. What a blessing he was that day. His smile said it all as he married them that he had full confidence in them and believed in them that they were making the right choice.(while some thought they were to young) I know that my son is a different person because of Pastor Rohm and he and Megan cherish the time they had at Cedarville University. It helped them become the man and wife and dad and mom they are today. They live in Frisco Texas and every time they come home to Dayton Ohio we have to go drive through the University's campus. They reminisce about their time spent there and things they did while there. Luke has often expressed interest in someday coming back to work for Cedarville one day if it was God's will for him and Megan. We think that a person can't think about Cedarville without thinking about Pastor Rohm. God will definitely bless him in all he has done for each and every student that has attended Cedarville. I'm sure he will have many jewels in his crown when he arrives in Heaven. I know he has been such a blessing to us in so many ways. May God bless him in everything he does and use him to glorify His Kingdom while on this earth!!!

Rick and Sheila Baker '05

I enjoyed Pastor Rohm's chapel messages, especially the time he spoke about the power of prayer and keeping a personal prayer book. I also had the opportunity to eat lunch with him on one occasion and it was awesome to hear his incredible stories and be encouraged by him.

Isaac Beckler '16

It's hard to overstate Pastor Rohm's influence on my life. I'm convinced I would not be in full-time Christian ministry today if he hadn't been there at that critical moment--always encouraging, gentle, wise. "Thank you" is too small.

Dan Blosser '01

Pastor Rohm, I praise God for your wisdom and godly example. I respect you a great deal. Thank you for pouring into my life while on AD7. I still have the books you gave me, including the sticky note on the front page! I learned so much from your counsel, your patience, your sense of humor, and your love for your family. May God bless you richly and cause you to bear much fruit in the years to come. Warmly in Christ, Johnathon Bowers

Johnathon Bowers '05

My favorite memories of Pastor Rohm were the times I had the opportunity to watch him play a hilarious role in a student video, preach a hard-hitting sermon, and then sit in his office and receive sound advice from him on patient and gracious leadership. His joy, humility and passion to see God glorified was obvious at all times, regardless of the circumstance; silly, serious or somewhere in-between.

Peter Brandt '10

I want to thank Pastor Rohm for all of his service done at Cedarville University. Even though I was only here for a year while he was here, I was able to talk and interact with him a few times. I am so grateful for all the times that he went out of his way to make students feel welcomed. Whether it was in chapel, in his office, or sitting with students at Chucks, I could tell he was doing everything out of a deep love for Christ and the students. I will never forget the time he went out of his way, helped me get a bed, and brought it over to sleep on for my off campus house. Thank you so much for everything Pastor Rohm! I have missed and will miss seeing you around campus.

Sarah Caraotta '15

Pastor Rohm, Thank you so much for all that you have demonstrated over the years to us. You are a great man of integrity. I am so thankful to all the ways you have demonstrated integrity, holiness and godliness to me through your conversations and attitude. I look forward to eternity in hearing about how Father has used you over the years, and the impact you have made for Christ here on this Earth! Thanks again Pastor Rohm for all that you have done. With great love from our Father, Robbie

Robbie Carter '12

Uncle Bob, thank you for being a source of biblical encouragement and an incredible example to students, whether from the chapel platform or in casual meetings around campus. Your service and love at Cedarville has certainly glorified God, and I have no doubt that He will continue to use you for His glory in ministry. Thank you for being there for me personally; I loved knowing that family was always close by and only wish I had stopped by your office to say hello more often. Blessings to you in your retirement, and even more blessings as you continue to follow His leading!

Megan Coffman '13

It is truly the end of an era. You've always been a staple of the Cedarville Experience and will be dearly missed. I appreciated the way your love for the Lord was so clearly evident as well as your love for students. I also appreciated how you could join in on the fun of campus life too, participating in SGA chapel videos and whatnot. Your "Giants in the Land" sermon still grips my heart as I recall how scared I was that first weekend of college. Thank you for calming my anxious heart. Thank you for always having a smile on your face. Thank you for dedicating your time to impacting students, so they can impact their world. Thank you. May the Lord bless you in this next stage of life.

Katie Cole '06

Great memories of dorm life as classmates and then my wife & I holding similar jobs at different Christian Colleges. We appreciate your life and ministry over the years at Cedarville University. Your pastors heart has served you well over the years & I'm sure it will in the years to come.

Gary Compton

Pastor & Mrs. Rohm moved from West Michigan to Cedarville the same year that I did. I met them before moving, and they took me under their wing during my four years at Cedarville: having me over for dinner, letting my friends and me use their house when they were gone, sending snacks and notes that they were praying for me during exam weeks, and being able to drop in at any time to chit chat. They were my parents away from home and truly made my experience at Cedarville a better one. Thank you so much!

Jeff Czyzyk '90

Pastor Rohm, I have been so blessed by your ministry here at Cedarville. One of the ways that you have impacted my time here is through you compassion and honesty. Last year you preached a message about prayer that was really insightful and very helpful. I remember that you gave away prayer journals after the Chapel service. I purchased one, and it has just been so helpful learning to write out prayers and review them to see how God answers them. I miss seeing you in Chapel everyday, but I am thankful for the God-honoring example that you have been to myself and to so many others. Thank you so much for loving us as the student body, and for being open and transparent with us about your spiritual life. That transparency has helped me grow so much. Thank you for everything.

Jessica Dickhoner '13

Pastor Rohm, you have been been an example to me in so many ways, especially in your service, fidelity, wisdom, and caring on the Amazon trip. You live the gospel through your boldness and wisdom and yet you are humble and honest as well. You have been Christ to me these past years, and God will continue to minister in and through you in years to come to me and to many others.

Matthew Dix '14

Bob, I remember the first time I met you at one of our Bible department faculty seminars shortly after you came back to Cedarville to begin your ministry here. You impressed me immediately with your gracious spirit, your commitment to God's Word, and your servant's heart. Over the years, as you advanced to become Pastor Rohm for the university, you have modeled love for the Lord, love for the Bible, and love for people. I thank the Lord for the example of your faithfulness and for the blessing of your friendship. Be assured that you and Lynn are in my prayers each day.

Dan Estes '74

Pastor Rohm, your heart for the Lord was so evident. You sought to honor Him with your words, and so many times, your words of wisdom were 'like apples of gold in settings of silver'. Your passion for prayer reminded us of the privilege, duty and delight we have of going before our Father with our requests. Thanks for always being ready to help a student who was struggling. You were open to their wounds, ready to offer Spirit-filled comfort and encouragement that pointed to a deep personal walk with your own Father. Thank you. Your choice to invest yourself in the lives of students is something we cannot repay.

Victoria Eustace '16

When my husband, Caleb, and I went through the Fit to be Tied program our senior year, Pastor and Mrs. Rohm were our mentor couple. They offered us great wisdom and guidance from their experiences and it was so evident that they had a loving and Christ-centered marriage. They were a very important part of our lives in our final year at Cedarville and we are so thankful for them! I know that they both have impacted the lives of many students over their years at Cedarville and have enriched so many lives. Thank you, Pastor Rohm, for your many years of service to Cedarville and our God! You will be missed greatly, but will always be a valued member of the Cedarville family! You have left a lasting legacy and impact for eternity!

Kathleen Fletcher '07

I sent in a prayer request October of Sophomore year, to which Pastor Rohm responded with an email. He said that he would be praying for me and my family and asked to meet with me if I was willing. I met with him twice and he encouraged me and reminded me of the steadfastness of God even through the confusion of this pain. He reassured me that I was being prayed for and let me know I was in his prayer journal. Even as the year ended he emailed me in the summer to see how things were going. His reminder to me that I was a part of the Cedarville family for a reason and encouragement in the Lord, was a blessing and I will never forget the generosity that Pastor Rohm displayed.

Esther Fluhart '15

When I was a freshman I had difficulty sleeping one week. I sent out a prayer request and Pastor Rohm replied, offering to meet with me in his office. I was a little intimidated to meet with someone so important, but he was very kind in the meeting and very encouraging. It was great to see someone so important take time to meet with a random student like me.

Sam Franlin '16

I always enjoyed when Pastor Rohm got up to speak and said "Welcome to Chapel". That always brightened my day.

Aaron Free '14

Pastor Rohm! What a joyful man of God, you are. You have such a peace about you that can be from none other than Jesus. Thank you for teaching us what it is to walk humbly with our Lord. Thank you for the blessing of 27 years of service at Cedarville.

Shannah Gardiner '16

Having worked together at Cedarville for the past twenty years, I have watched Pastor Rohm meet, encourage, and counsel countless students. However, in the past year, I have experienced his counsel and encouragement firsthand. His care for me was a constant display of the fruit of the spirit in his life. I am blessed as a result. Blessings to Pastor Rohm as he begins a new chapter of ministry. Those whom he influences in the days ahead will be blessed as well.

Kirsten Gibbs '93

When I think of Pastor Rohm, I immediately hear the powerfully blasting tunes of, "Carry on my wayward son..." playing in my mind. The Jeep, those sunglasses, that "tough guy" look... It may not be as sentimental of a memory as others will share, but I was always really impressed that Pastor Rohm would willingly participate in SGA chapel videos which showed us, the student body, his sense of humor and true delight in connecting with students. Sometimes it's just the little things...

Erin Gingrich '01

Pastor Rohm is one of the most genuinely loving and encouraging people that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I cannot recall a single interaction that did not leave me feeling refreshed, encouraged, thirsty to learn more, and positively challenged. I deeply appreciate the honesty and humble spirit with which he speaks as well as his ability to listen well, engage in thought provoking discussion, share many a good story, and fervently pray for me and I'm sure many others. Pastor Rohm's love and graciousness is truly contagious and I have grown much as a result of the friendship we have. Without a doubt our Father will continue to draw people to love Jesus more genuinely because of him wherever is it that this next stage in life will take him. Love you Pastor Rohm!

Kristi Graydon

What an amazing man! Pastor Rohm, you've exemplified that first word, "Pastor", more than any other human being I've had the privilege of knowing. Your patience, kindness, generosity, and just 'realness' has been so appreciative. Your influence on me through Ad7 and ERAP has been gentle, but certainly more profound than I'm sure I realize. I've always appreciated you deeply. Thank you so much for loving me and sharing your life with me! I've been blessed by you and am grateful.

Caleb Halulko '03

Pastor Rohm, thank you for the time that you invested in my life! Your listening ear, wise council and prayers have always been such a blessing! Cedarville is a better place because of your influence loving The Lord and students! I hope that one day I am remembered for my deep love for The Lord as you are! I will be forever grateful!

Wade Harris '99

When I came to Cedarville as a freshman, I attended the special church gathering on Getting Started Weekend with my family. As a brand new student, I was extremely nervous about being on my own at college. However, Pastor Rohm delivered his "Giants in the Land" speech and reminded the student body that we sometimes have to overcome great obstacles in order to accomplish something great. His address gave me the courage to begin a new experience, and to develop a successful college career. I'll never forget his speech, and will always be thankful for his encouragement.

Chandler Hull '15

Your godly example has inspired many. It was clear that you genuinely cared about each student at Cedarville. Just a smile or "hello" from you could brighten any day. I will not forget the impact that you made on my life to live for Christ through your actions and service to the students.

Joanna Huschilt '14

I had the great privilege and opportunity to work under and be mentored by Pastor Rohm during my freshman and sophomore year at Cedarville. In those two years I was challenged and poured into by Pastor Rohm week after week. Throughout those two years, I watched myself grow spiritually, coming out of my prideful tendencies and focusing on others above myself. Throughout this entire process, Pastor Rohm was intricately involved in my life and remains to be a great encouragement and example to me. He will always have a high place in my memories.

Joel Israel '14

I wanted to thank Pastor Rohm for his warm heart. He never ceased to encourage and strengthen the entire student body through is words of wisdom and love at the beginning of each chapel. He had such a sincere heart for the students and the school as a whole. I miss him greatly and will miss how much he loved to listen to everyone singing in chapel. He always made the remark, "Its chapel like these when I can hear God saying, 'Shhh. Cedarville is singing!'"

Aubrey Juris '15

Bob and Lynn were a tremendous encouragement to Mandy and I as students. Their hospitality and time spent opening their home to us in our engagement was a highlight of our time at Cedarville. Mandy and I still laugh at ourselves when we remember sitting in the back of their car as we were trying to decide where to eat for one of our pre-marital counseling sessions. I think Lynn asked us where we wanted to go and I think we said "um we don't know how bout Burger King." She said why don't we go to "J.'s" (J. Alexanders). J.Alexanders! Yeah baby!! Every time we've been back to a "J's" we laugh about it. What a great couple! Thank you Bob for your pastoral leadership and your wisdom, class and grace. Thank you Lynn for your hospitality and encouragement to us. You will be missed but not forgotten.

Scott Kennedy '97

One of my favorite memories of Pastor Rohm is when he told us after a beautiful time of worship that God must be in heaven saying, "Shhh...Cedarville is singing." Pastor Rohm exemplifies that worship is so much more than song lyrics and a melody; he truly lives life as a sacrifice to our holy God. He is a man of faith who has impacted more lives that he will ever know. Thank you, P-Rohm, for allowing God to bless so many through your genuine love for others and your heart dedicated to serving our Savior.

Laura Klodnicki '15

What a myriad of thoughts when it comes to pastor Rohm. Everything from his starring role in the SGA film "Cribs" as P*Rohm to his yearly challenge to incoming freshman to not be scared of the GIANTS IN THE LAND. I was a freshman RA and heard that sermon every year. My senior year I moved to a non freshman dorm as an RA and STILL went to hear it. God used it to calm my nerves and excite me for the school year. Thank you for your ministry to the students. You were such a great part of my Cedarville Experience.

Michelle Kropf '09

Pastor Rohm's ministry in chapel made transition to Cedarville as a freshman much easier. Maybe it sounds weird, but his presence just gave chapel a homey feel... like the guy standing on the stage was my dad or grandpa, instead of a University Vice President that I'd never met. P-Rohm (as most of us refer to him) also encouraged us in chapel to be intentional about our praying. He told us about his prayer journal and the way God has answered so many requests that he has recorded. Because of his encouragement, I started my own and have been blessed to see God answer many requests of my own.

Ethan Law '16

Pastor Rohm, I am grateful for your mentorship turned friendship. Thank you for not only starring in so many SGA videos, but also for investing in my life. You were a very special part of my Cedarville experience as I know you were for many others. We love you.

Scott Lehr '00

Pastor Rohm, there are few men walking this planet that I respect and admire as much as you. Your investment in my life while at Cedarville can't be summed up in a few sentences. I am incredibly thankful for your influence, counsel, encouragement, prayers, and love. Jen and I still talk about things we learned from our times of pre-marital counseling with you. And over the past few years, as I have had the opportunity to come back to Cedarville, I have so enjoyed talking church planting, pastoring and ministry with you. A few weeks ago, as we had coffee together, I was reminded once again of what grace and kindness looks like. Thanks for still being an example to me 15 years later...

Jason Malone '98

I will always remember Pastor Rohm as an individual who cared for the students, who went out of his way to say hello and see how a student was doing in their daily life. Every day, students could see God's light and God's love in Pastor Rohm. You could be going through a really rough time and even a smile and cheery greeting from Pastor Rohm would always make your day a little bit brighter. Cedarville University, both students and faculty will miss Pastor Rohm greatly and I personally wish him all the best with his retirement and believe that God will always continue to bless him in life.

Ashley Matthew

Congratulations, Bob! You were a leader as a student, and God has also used you significantly in thousands of lives as an administrator. You will most certainly will hear the words we all want to hear.."Well done, my good and faithful servant". Those words will be more precious to you than mine but I still want to say, well done. Lead on!

Ron McDugle '65

Thank you, Pastor Rohm, for leading our chapels and sharing with the students your passion for God's holiness. Thanks for taking time to eat with individual students at Chucks and talking with them about all your adventures with wild animals and hunting experiences. Lastly, thank you for talking over Hebrews 6 with me and showing me what you believed that it meant for Christians.

Joe Parker '14

Bob, How can you be retiring? Wasn't it just "yesterday" that we were fellow students at Cedarville? I don't know where the years have gone!!! I want to thank you for your friendship down through the years and the way you impacted my life by recruiting me to work for the Southwestern Company. I worked with you in 1967 and 1968. It certainly helped give me confidence in talking to people, which in turn, ultimately helped me with my career in Christian education as a teacher and principal. May you enjoy your retirement and may you experience all of God's great blessings in the future!

Robert Pereira '69

In 1964 Bob Rohm and I were seniors in our respective New Jersey high schools. We attended the same Baptist Church. Together we drove out to visit Cedarville College. It was the longest drive either of us had ever made. We both decided Cedarville was the place for us. Bob was as committed to the ideal of a Christian College education then as he is now. That was nearly fifty years ago. I now join with you in celebrating Bob's life-long commitment to ministry.

Dale Pritchett '67

Pastor Rohm has a heart for Jesus and for Cedarville students. I loved hearing him preach because these two things were always apparent.

Corey Reeder '09

Thank you, God for Pastor Rohm and his servant hearted leadership and ministry at Cedarville. I was blessed by his listening ear, wisdom, love for the Lord and desire for people to be better for having known him. Blessings upon you Pastor Rohm in your future ministry endeavors.

Chris Robertson

Pastor Rohm leaves an astounding legacy of faithful and exemplary service to the Lord, thousands of students, and to Cedarville University. He is worthy of high honor! I'm so glad God will reward his labors for all eternity.

William Rudd

Congratulations Pastor Rohm! I have no doubt that you've blessed many other families just as much as you've blessed two generations of the Ryan family.

Tim Ryan '90

Pastor Rohm, I am thankful for the year I spent under your leadership. Always optimistic, full of love, humor, and passion, you are obviously dedicated to the work of Christ in everything you do. Thank you for providing a stunning example of what it looks like to live for Christ in today's world.

Angela Schweinitz '16

Not only was Pastor Rohm one of the main reasons my experience as a Cedarville student was exceptional, he has been one of the most influential leaders in my life. He is a life-shaper. Through AD7 and ERAP I was the fortunate beneficiary of his wise counsel and compassionate leadership. He was pre-marital counselor and wedding minister for Katie and me. He models servant leadership, integrity and discipline. Much of who I am and how I think as a man, husband and leader can be attributed to Pastor Rohm's influence in my life.

Joel Sigmon '06

Bob, I appreciated the opportunity to serve alongside you on the Administrative Council. I learned from your gracious spirit, your example of loyalty and kind words, and your passion for Cedarville and students. I am trusting God to open doors of ministry in the days ahead, and I'll keep waving as I pass you walking and I'm jogging along. You have been an incredible testimony and example to me. Thank you for investing into my life and praying for me! Your sister in Christ, Janice

Janice Supplee '86

I just have to pass along that I distinctly remember meeting Pastor Rohm in the lower SSC on my very first day here at Cedarville. His warm smile and kind, welcoming demeanor made me truly feel like I was at home! It may have been a brief encounter, but it made an impact and set a trajectory for the remainder of my time here: passing forward to me a love for this place, a passion for other people, and a better understanding of the calling to live a life that reflects Christ in every single moment. Thank you, Pastor Rohm!

Caytlin Van Etten '15

Pastor Rohm is such a comfortable and warming man to go up and say hi. My first memory of him when I came to Cedarville, was when I was looking for the recycling people of all things. I ask some people I didn't know and this much older man takes me himself to find the right people. Someone randomly cries out "Pastor Rohm" and gives him a big hug. He hugs her back, greets her by name and asks how she is doing. A few weeks later, I found that man was Pastor Rohm and someone of importance on campus to say the least. I also love Pastor Rohm enjoying the poking fun at his age and how he was a graduate of Cedarville in 1887. His smile is infectious and his compassion and love are self-evident. He is a man of God and God has used him to bless and challenge others.

Jonathan Van Pelt '14

Pastor Rohm was so encouraging when I expressed an interest in teaching in China. He had unwavering faith in my ability to do well in it, and have an impact for Christ there. I am so thankful that he helped to lead that ministry for so many years. It changed my life, and I am so grateful for it!

Allison Walton '01

I honestly cannot say that I've had the privilege of knowing anyone in my life more thoughtful, more gracious, more faithful, more disciplined, more respectful, and who exemplified a life lived with more integrity than Bob Rohm. What a rare gift and distinct honor it has been to have had a front row seat for the last eighteen years to watch and learn from this humble, godly man. Thank you Bob for your reliable, trustworthy service for the Lord and for the students of Cedarville University over the years. 2 Timothy 2:2

Brandon Waltz '87

It is difficult to find words to adequately express Bob's positive impact on my life personally and professionally. When you meet with Bob, you get the feeling that you are the most important person to him at that time & you have his full attention and concern. I could always count on Bob to share relevant Biblical wisdom and insight for my life and ministry. Bob is incredibly loyal and trustworthy. He is a humble servant leader...Bob leads by example! Bob also has a great sense of humor. I already miss hearing his laugh echoing down the hallway here in the office. He is a master at telling stories...I never got tired of listening to him share about the many missions trips he led to the Amazon. It was such a joy and privilege to work for Bob here at Cedarville University.

John Wambold '95

I am extremely thankful for Pastor Rohm's impact on my life. I was able to learn from him and observe him as a member of AD7, which was a very valuable part of my Cedarville experience. Knowing Pastor Rohm was a major influence in me joining ERAP, where I met my wife, and where God gave me a heart for the people there. He has been a stable and wise leader through many ups and downs, and I am very thankful for how he takes such an interest in people and genuinely cares!

Mike Webster '05

Whenever Pastor Rohm would walk around on campus, he always held his head high. He walked with character and confidence. No matter how his day was going or his circumstances he was joyful in the Lord. He would always take the time to greet students as well. I know my freshman year he said, "Hi" to me one day on the BTS patio as we passed each other. It was a simple, kindhearted gesture that made my day.

Emily Williams '16

Nothing makes me happier than seeing "P-Rohm" strolling down the sidewalk, listening to his iPod, and smiling as he walks by. I love to think back on his openly silly actions for the well-being of the student body, including countless SGA videos, being the grunt of almost every joke made by Dr. Brown, even knighting Zak Weston in front of the entire chapel. I have a deep respect for Pastor Rohm, something that he hasn't earned, but deserves because of his obvious love for God. Speaking in chapel, we could all visibly see his passion for Christ and spreading it with others. His infamous stories without endings kept us on the edge of our seats (and since he never ended that one about the mutilated dog, I'm still waiting...) and take us back to the lessons he taught us in chapel. I am grateful for his contribution to this school, this town, and my life.

Heather Wismer '15

I will always remember 'getting started' weekend my freshmen year. I was so overwhelmed at being a new student among thousands. Pastor Rohm's yearly introductory message was so heart warming and reminded me that God was there with me, even if I saw 'giants in the land.' My wife and I were also blessed when Pastor Rohm agreed to lead our marriage counseling. He shared wisdom from his own wonderful marriage and from Scripture. It was he who spurred me to love my wife as Christ loves the church. Pastor Rohm's heart for students and Cedarville University will always be remembered. Thank you for loving our Lord, and serving Him.

Steve Wynn '07