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What do you love about Cedarville?

What do you love about Cedarville?

We all have fond memories of Chapel, dorm life, ministry, and shenanigans from our beloved alma mater. So tell us, what do you love about Cedarville? Why did you choose to attend and what do you miss the most? Submit your answers below and you could be featured on the Alumni Homepage, Facebook Page, or Alumnotes section in the Cedarville Magazine.

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Things others love about Cedarville:

I came to Cedarville as a student somewhat confused and my time here helped stabilize my faith. At CU I found a commitment to Biblical truth without a lot of the social restrictions that had confused me. Cedarville has changed in the the last thirty years, but it has continued to balance truth with social engagement. I love the unique culture of CU that continues to help young students strengthen their faith.

Jim Cato '83

When I came to Cedarville in 1975, I was a married father of 2 young children. My wife, Sharon, and I were privileged to purchase a new home on Regency Drive. What I love about Cedarville was the sense of community that my family and I experienced in that neighborhood that was affectionately called "Baptist Acres." My next door neighbor was Dick Walker, who at the time was the Dean of Men. Another neighbor across the street in a cul-de-sac was Dr. Jack Riggs, one of my Bible professors. Several other married students and their families comprised our neighborhood. As a married student in his mid twenties, "Baptist Acres" is where I and my family experienced significant biblical fellowship outside of the local church and "Bible school" contexts. This neighborhood is where we experienced practical Christianity in action; this is where the biblical truths that I learned in the classroom were lived out in everyday personal relationships. When Sharon and I return to Cedarville, we ALWAYS drive by our Cedarville home on Regency Drive. The nostalgic memories remind us that our God is good and faithful, and encourage us to remain committed to our calling to ministry "for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ."

Tom Chmura '78

Lifelong friendships? Yes! Laptops and iPads? Huh? Pranks, buffoonery and good (and not so good) old fashioned American fun? You bet! But what I love most about Cedarville is that I came away with two universal principles permanently ingrained in me: a hunger for Biblical truth no matter where it takes me, and a desire to strive for integrity in all I do. Cedarville will always have a special place in my heart.

Paul Freeman

I loved Cedarville because I always felt that I was part of a movement that was bigger than itself. Cedarville stood for… and stands for… things beyond the nuts and bolts of higher education. Truth, excellence, critical thinking, and world view somehow set the tone for the Cedarville student experience. I guess I never felt that I was just going to college. Oh, and pizza on Fridays at Chuck's!

Jim Gruenberg '84

I love the fact that my professors taught me to think for myself and not be a puppet. This is where my walk with Christ really became my own, not just a "I'm a Christian, because my parents are." I would not be where I am today without the experience I had here as a student. I am so glad that CU exists and is a safe place for parents to send their students and for students to come and experience life, for probably the first time, without their parents around.

Kristy Lester

My life changed for the better during my 4 years as a student. Now, having been on staff for 16+ years, this place continues to make an impact on me, both personally & professionally. I love meeting people and hearing about how their personal journey led them to this place. Getting paid to help students and impact their lives for the better really is the best job in the world.

Karisa Linafelter '98

I love the close life-long friendships that are formed living in close quarters with other guys.

Michael McCoy '09

The thing I loved most about my time at Cedarville (and the thing I missed the most when I graduated) was chapel. The worship music was uplifting, the speakers constantly challenged me, and the SGA videos were always hilarious. As a student during the Dr. Dixon era, one of the chapels I remember fondly was his annual speech about dandelions. Now, as a staff member at CU, I cannot bring myself to walk on the grass unless I'm picking a dandelion. I would encourage current CU students to resist the temptation to skip chapel. Although it's a cliche statement, time flies while you're here, and you will miss it when you graduate. Where else can you have 20 minutes of praise and worship followed by Bible-centered messages from CU faculty/staff and nationally-known scholars on a daily basis? It was such a vital part of my CU experience and one of my favorite things about being a student here.

Nicholas Miller '03

I look back at my Cedarville years with great fondness. The Christian atmosphere was a great environment to grow spiritually. I value my professors and relationships developed with them. Then, of course, were the many close friendships I developed with other students that have lasted many years. Although I graduated 45 years ago (!), I keep in close touch with many of my Cedarville friends via E-mail and Facebook and I am looking forward to Homecoming #45 this year.

Robert Pereira '69

Cedarville was where I met my wife, learned what it meant to truly study God's Word, and what prepared me for my career. My professors and mentors who took the time to build into me beyond the classroom lecture are what I will always remember and love about Cedarville.

Phil Schanely '06

I loved being challenged to think biblically and to think critically. My whole worldview was radically influenced by the instruction I received at Cedarville.

Roscoe Smith '82

I loved Chapel... quality speakers, good challenges. I also loved that Cedarville was equipping young people to serve God whatever the choice of major was... loved the integration of walking the Christian life through every profession.

Besty Stolzfus

Now, more than ever, Cedarville has always been about the people. I had great memories as a member of the basketball and golf teams as well as great times in the dorm. It's the relationships that truly last!

Mark Womack '83