Homecoming and Parents Weekend

Alumni Association Award Criteria


The candidate must:

  • have held a baccalaureate degree from Cedarville University for at least ten years.
  • have demonstrated significant outstanding contribution to his or her profession and/or avocation.
  • have exhibited significant financial and/or other concern for the development of Cedarville University.
  • have cultivated an evident pursuit of Christ-centered thinking and daily lifestyle.
  • have an evident dedication to developing the mind of Christ in others.


The candidate must:

  • have maintained a quality association with Cedarville University for at least ten years.
  • have evidenced a personal commitment to excellence in specific areas of his or her life and service.
  • have rendered distinguished service to Cedarville University, its programs, and/or its students or graduates.
  • have cultivated an evident pursuit of Christ-centered thinking and daily lifestyle.


The candidate must:

  • have graduated from the University within the ten years from the date the Award is scheduled to be presented.
  • have made an outstanding contribution to his/her avocation or occupation.
  • have made such an accomplishment which demonstrates an enthusiasm or vigor which typifies and represents the spirit of both students and recent graduates.
  • have exhibited a significant concern for and contribution to the development and success of Cedarville University following their graduation.
  • have made such accomplishments while maintaining a Christ-honoring perspective in every aspect of their lives.


Purpose: To recognize Cedarville University educators who have exhibited throughout their career, truly exceptional performance in the areas of teaching, research, student development, leadership, and service.

Any full-time faculty member on a regular contract who:

  • has been a faculty member at Cedarville University for a minimum of fifteen years.

Unless awarded to a retiring faculty member, the honoree must be under contract when the award is presented. The council will look for evidence of outstanding performance, by each candidate, in more than one of the following areas:

  • Teaching - classroom innovation, student rating, peer rating, feedback from alumni
  • Research - publications, oral presentations, other written material
  • Student Development - advising/counseling contact with students, college-related ministries
  • Leadership - course development, reputation, off-campus involvements
  • Service - college involvements, church activities, professional associations
  • Other - may include curriculum vitae, copies of publications, letters of recommendation, evidence of acquisition of external funding for research, etc.

Because of the uniquely Christian emphasis and mission of the University, it should be demonstrated that the honoree has consistently integrated his/her disciplines with a Christian world-view, and has demonstrably contributed both to the intellectual and spiritual development of his/her students.