Mission Statement

Chapter Mission Statement

Cedarville University Alumni Chapters are designed to meet three objectives:

Promote continued personal and spiritual growth 

Cedarville University is committed to a Cedarville presence in the different chapters around the country to refresh alumni with new educational and spiritual experiences. Cedarville is pleased to showcase our fine faculty, staff, and students. We look forward to bringing out some of your "old favorites" as well as introducing you to new faculty.

Remember Cedarville's heritage

Cedarville University is committed to helping alumni remember the great heritage of Cedarville and encouraging alumni to keep these memories and traditions alive as a vital part of passing this heritage on to the next generation.

Connect alumni with each other 

Cedarville University is committed to connecting alumni with each other and the University. As alumni continuously move to new areas, Alumni Chapters become a great way to network and find new churches, job opportunities, and social groups. Keeping alumni educated, informed, and interested in what is happening on Cedarville's campus is an important way to keep them connected with the University.