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If you have any questions, please contact Alumni Relations and Annual Giving.


Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Cedarville University
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314

Office Location

Tyler Digital Communication Center — Suite 135 (enter through the Alumni Center)


1-888-CEDARVILLE (toll-free)
937-766-7858 (office)
937-766-3241 (fax)

Contact Alumni Relations and Annual Giving via e-mail at

When you are on campus, please stop by the office to pick up a "Welcome Packet."

Photo of Stephanie Carroll

Stephanie Carroll

Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving

  • Location TYL 135 D
  • phone-handset 937-766-3645
Photo of Dan Case

Dan Case

Homecoming & Alumni Programming Coordinator

  • Location TYL 135 A
  • phone-handset 937-766-7815
Photo of Erica Hitchman

Erica Hitchman

Alumni Marketing and Communications Coordinator

  • Location TYL 135
  • phone-handset 937-766-3454
Photo of Rah Jacob

Rah Jacob

Assistant Director of Student Philanthropy and Young Alumni

  • Location TYL 135 B
  • phone-handset 937-766-7406
Photo of Alathea Young

Alathea Young

Advancement Assistant

  • Location TYL 135 D
  • phone-handset 937-766-4725