Jessicah Zehring serves as research assistant for the Center for Bioethics. She is a 2008 Cedarville University graduate with a B.A. in biology. Her passion is for environmental issues. Specific interests include the challenges faced by arctic and boreal ecosystems and Christian environmental ethics. Her undergraduate research included the effects of disturbance on prairie restoration in southwest Ohio, and landowner attitudes toward prairie remnant preservation. She is a recipient of the Austin Elmore Award in Plant Biology and presented her research at the 21st annual North American Prairie Conference in Winona, Minnesota. Her previous employment experience included positions with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and as a Cedarville University biology laboratory assistant.

Jessicah and her husband, Kevin, enjoy many outdoor activities, including hiking, paddling, and skiing. A snow lover, she trains and races sled dogs and gives presentations to church and school groups about the sport of mushing.

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