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Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship to advance patient care and transform the pharmacy profession.

Rising healthcare costs.The opioid epidemic. Changing healthcare delivery models and payment structures. These are some of the healthcare problems of today, but what will the challenges of tomorrow be? The Cedarville University Center for Pharmacy Innovation exists to equip students and pharmacists to address these challenges with biblical wisdom. The Center seeks to identify creative solutions, provide educational initiatives, and promote patient advocacy that positively impact patients and expand the pharmacist’s role as part of a collaborative healthcare team.

To accomplish our mission, the Center for Pharmacy Innovation will:

  • Encourage interprofessional collaboration
  • Support faculty and student innovators
  • Fund innovative projects in healthcare
  • Provide entrepreneurship training for pharmacy students 

60-second video clip about the Center

The Center for Pharmacy Innovation was established thanks to the generosity of David and Phyllis Grauer.

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