Cedarville president Dr. White speaks in chapel


The heartbeat of Cedarville University is our commitment to the study and practice of the Word of God. The outgrowth of this commitment is that chapel is the cornerstone for student life. Students, faculty and staff set aside the ten o'clock hour five days a week to gather with the Word of God at the center of our attention. The purpose of chapel is to provide the following three priorities in a manner that is driven by the Word of God:

  1. Scripturally driven preaching and teaching
  2. Scripturally grounded musical worship
  3. Scripturally transformed community.

Preaching: Chapel is a priceless opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to reorient their lives on a consistent basis around the Word of God. Students will have opportunity to hear from top flight speakers known for their faithfulness in preaching text-driven sermons. Additionally, Cedarville faculty and staff shepherd the community of students through expositional preaching and teaching and engaging cultural issues faithfully.

Worship: Chapel worship is biblically grounded, congregational-oriented, and committed to drawing our attention Godward. Musical worship is likewise engaging, with a variety of musical styles with leadership from students, faculty, and staff.

Community: Chapel provides a unique opportunity for the Cedarville family to gather on a daily basis under common teaching through preaching and musical worship. This common experience provides the unity of a biblically grounded community among students, faculty, and staff.