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The Basics of Discipleship: Avoid Temptation - Proverbs 7 — 11/7/2018

Dr. Mark Dever

Today's 9Marks conference chapel speaker is Dr. Mark Dever, president of 9Marks and senior pastor at Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C.

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Gospel-Powered Discipleship - Philippians 1:3-11 — 11/6/2018

Today's 9Marks conference chapel speaker is Jared Wilson, who teaches that discipleship is only accomplished through God's power, and must be done for His glory. His message is taken from Philippians 1:3-11.

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Worship Chapel - 11/5/2018 — 11/5/2018

The Worship Practicum class at Cedarville University presents this special chapel based on Psalm 46.

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SGA Chapel - 11/2/2018 — 11/2/2018

Student Government Association chaplain, Campbell Bortel, shows the faithfulness of God in the midst of suffering, looking at the life of Joseph in Genesis 42 & 43.

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Truth and Love in Politics — 11/1/2018

Mark Caleb Smith

Listen as Dr. Mark Caleb Smith encourages us to be salt and light in our culture, and to stand for truth and love our enemies in a politically-divided nation. He serves as Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Political Studies at Cedarville University.

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Christ's Rest for Weary Souls — 10/31/2018

Jason Lee

Today's Reformation Day speaker is Dr. Jason Lee, Dean of the School of Biblical & Theological Studies and Professor of Theological Studies at Cedarville University. Dr. Lee urges us to receive the invitation of Jesus Christ to know God, and to be released from the burden of our sin through confession to Him.

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Prayer Emphasis Chapel — 10/30/2018

Jon Wood

This morning's chapel is a Prayer Emphasis chapel led by Dr. Jon Wood.

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ID: We Are the Mystery Revealed in Christ — 10/29/2018

Thomas White

Dr. Thomas White teaches that Paul relayed the mystery of God to reconcile Jews and Gentiles in the church, speaking from Ephesians 3:1-13.

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SGA Chapel - 10/26/2018 — 10/26/2018

This morning's chapel is led by Cedarville University's Student Government Association. Chaplain Campbell Bortel's message is from Daniel 1 & 6.

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The Temptation and Victory of Christ — 10/24/2018

Chris Miller

Dr. Chris Miller serves as Senior Professor of Biblical Studies at Cedarville University. He uses the temptation of Christ in Matthew 4:1-12 to show us that we can say "no" to temptation when we have assurance in the goodness of God that He will supply our needs in His way and in His time.

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Humility in Christ — 10/23/2018

Today's chapel speaker is Dr. Kevin Jones, Chair of the School of Education and Human Development at Kentucky State University. The text for his message is 1 Corinthians 4:6-13.

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ID: We Are United in Christ — 10/22/2018

Thomas White

Speaking from Ephesians 2:11-22, Dr. Thomas White teaches that the Gospel brings unity, peace, and community to those who find their identity in Christ.

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Chapel: Practice Your Righteousness - Matthew 6