CU Chapel+

The CU Chapel+ App provides easy access to Cedarville University's chapel as well as other live streamed campus programs. Chapel is the heartbeat of Cedarville University. During the 10 o'clock hour each weekday, students, faculty, and staff gather for dynamic worship and powerful preaching. Now these life-transforming moments are available to you anywhere, anytime.

Event Streaming coming soon. CU Chapel+ is now available for iOS, Apple TV, and Android.

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Watch Livestreams of Chapels and Events

Watch chapel and other live streamed events from your mobile device.

  • Join chapel every weekday at 10 a.m.
  • Set up notifications so you are alerted when chapel is live.

Watch Chapel and Events On Demand

Whether you're driving, exercising, or enjoying a quiet evening at home, the CU Chapel+ App puts Cedarville's archive of outstanding chapel programs and other special events at your fingertips:

  • Access content of interest to you using the robust search features
  • Watch or listen to chapels on your own schedule
  • Browse chapel services by recent or most watched
  • Share meaningful chapels with others using the easy social media and link sharing options
  • See a list of upcoming chapels
  • Watch select events on demand

Find the Content That Is Most Meaningful to You

With the powerful and easy-to-use search capabilities, you can search the archive of chapel programs by speaker, title, topic, or book of the Bible.

  • Enjoy the president's chapel series for the year
  • Find chapels that address questions you have or situations you are facing
  • Enjoy presentations by your favorite speakers
  • Access other chapel presentations with similar themes using the Related Videos links

Never Miss Chapel or a Livestreamed Event

You can sign up for notifications and customize when and how they come to you. You can enable the following notifications:

  • All Chapels - Live Chapel Starting
  • All Chapels - On Demand Available
  • All Streaming Events - Live Event Starting
  • Individual Chapel - Live Chapel Starting
  • Individual Chapel - On Demand Available

Watch From Your TV

Watch your favorite chapels from your AppleTV. Search the Apple TV App Store for "CU Chapel" to install the app. Depending on your settings, it may also get installed automatically if you install the iOS mobile phone version of the app.

  • Watch natively on your TV through the Apple TV device
  • Livestream, on demand archive searching, popular, and recent chapels are all there
  • Save interesting chapels to My List for later viewing
  • Resume watching chapels that you didn’t finish watching previously

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