Discipleship Small Groups

Discipleship Ministries Small Group Bible Studies

Groups for Men

Study Description and Leadership
Galatians for You

Study through NT book of Galatians
DC Contact: Marcus Croll
Group Leaders: Adam Levesque, Joel Van Kampen, Matt Cumberland, Matt Matyszcak, Michael Newman, Nathan Raquet, Nathan Ross, Nic Rudy, Seth Holloway

Not a Fan Become a completely committed follower of Christ as opposed to a mere fan.
DC Contact: Andy Henderson
Group Leaders: Adam Newborn, David J. Anderson, Dillon Henschen, Jeffrey Jerschina, Kevin Bridgman, Micah Ian Brant, Sam Stanaford, Sean Miller, William Gudenius
Follow Me Jesus meant so much more than saying a prayer when he said, "Follow Me."  It is a call to die and a call to live.
DC Contact: Joe Franklin
Group Leaders: Austin Segar, Daniel Marquez, John Behnke, Josh L. Taylor, Logan Fitzgerald, Matt Merical, Micah Howard, Michael Kuhn, Philip Lehman
Humility God clearly states that he is drawn to the humble and opposes the proud.  Humility and pride cannot coexist.  Where one is fostered, the other is defeated.
DC Contact: Rodrigo Reis
Group Leaders: Adam Feltner, Andy White, Freddy Walker, Jared Newman, Jonathan German, Luke Tomlinson, Michael Brittan, Noah Bragg, Stevie Vetter
Romans Study through the NT book of Romans
DC Contact: Joel Wasserstein
Group Leaders: Craig Helman, David Guidone, Ethan Law, Jason Carnegis, Jeremiah Beatham, Luke Weaver, Sean O'Donnell, Teddy Carlson, Titus Hendricks

Groups for Women

Study Description & Leadership
Philippians Study through the NT book of Philippians
DC Contact: Katherine Alexander
Group Leaders: Abby Sherman, Emily D. Williams, Keyana Galloway, Laurel Anne Ward, Lindsay Sanders, Patricia Neve, Sarah Hess, Sarah-Cate Courtney, Valerie Sohn
1 Peter

Study through the NT book of 1 Peter
DC Contact: Nicole Alexander
Group Leaders: Alex Archambault, Heather Seacrest, Jessica Evanoff, Kayla Fry, Kelly Gilbert, Lorrin Schoeneweis, Olivia Somerville, Vineeta Rao

Extravagant Grace Discovery how God's extravagant grace in the gospel brings about maturity, joy, peace, and the lessening grip of sin in our lives.
DC Contact: Sydney Bissonette
Group Leaders: Bria Meyer, Brittany Cowart, Catherine McClain, Elisabeth Bostic, Emily Sutter, Lynley Turkelson, Olivia Clark, Sarah Taylor
Because He Loves Me Spend time thinking about our Savior and how what he has already done is meant to be the most significant characteristic of our faith and life for him.
DC Contact: Lisa Deckert
Group Leaders: Elly Frey, Emma Leppke, Hannah Lyons, Katelyn D'Amico, Laura Bagwell, Lily Schuler, Sarah Caraotta, Tori Spice, Victoria Rollins
Galatians Study through the NT book of Galatians
DC Contact: Amy Spranger
Group Leaders: Alex Iriana, Annelise Joy Schick, Bethany Cruise, Emma Villanueva, Katie Hughes, Katie Hughes, Katie Swanson, Michelle Kisha, Morgan Garneau, Suzanne McReynolds
Not a Fan Become a completely committed follower of Christ as opposed to a mere fan.
DC Contact: Caytlin Van Etten
Group Leaders: Becca Hughes, Christie Kuiken, Emily Van Wyck, Kate Ritchie, Kathy Roberts, Meredith Blair, Reyna Osorio, Sarah Harbeck, Taylor Cefola
James Study through the NT book of James
DC Contact: Rachel Wagner
Group Leaders: Abbie Belcher, Ashley Devries, Ayana Kleckner, Dalia Akhnoukh, Hadassah Roberts, Hannah Velloney, Jen Huchison, Katie Hinman, Rachel Fraga