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OneVoice Gospel Choir

OneVoice Gospel Choir is a passionate and expressive group of Cedarville students. OneVoice is committed to spreading the Gospel and performs a variety of styles and genres of music, creating a high-energy environment of worship that celebrates the diversity at Cedarville and within the body of Christ.

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OneVoice is the only musical group at Cedarville that does not require an audition to join, so our rehearsals are open to everyone! Come check it out! We rehearse every Monday and Thursday from 6–7 p.m.

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In September 2000, Michael Dorsey, envisioned a group of Cedarville University students singing traditional and contemporary gospel music. This group would participate in the University chapel services and eventually grow to minister to congregations of the Greater Miami Valley. With that goal in mind, Michael founded the Cedarville University Gospel Choir.

In January 2001, 60 students came to the first choir rehearsal. Assisted by student director April Lucas, the choir increased in popularity and by the end of the school year had grown to more than 80 members.

The Cedarville University Gospel Choir gradually became a standard "special music" group for the chapel services. The group also participated in local church services and took spring tours to Chicago, Illinois, and Cleveland, Ohio, for gospel fests and local church ministry. In 2003, the choir broadened its ministry with a five-week missions trip to Australia to encourage believers and spread the Gospel in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

In February 2006, a senior student, Justin Spann, took over the leadership of the choir and was hired in May 2006 as full-time director of the renamed OneVoice Gospel Choir. Ashlyn Kelly took directorship of OneVoice after Justin's departure to serve in a church in Colorado. The choir has grown to 140+ voices and participates regularly in University chapels, special events, conferences, concerts, and music team recordings. They also maintain regular ministry in local churches and abroad. As charter members of the National Association of Collegiate Gospel Choirs, members of OneVoice participated in the NACGC live recording titled One Voice with college gospel choirs from across the nation and internationally known gospel artists like Kim Burrell and Jonathan Nelson. OneVoice has continued its priority on missions over the past several years, performing in churches and street ministry in Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Austria.

What began as a tool for minority-student expression and retention has become an awesome cross-cultural ministry of worship and celebration. The choir seeks to present worship in a way that reflects the Kingdom of God, where people of every tribe, tongue, and nation are welcomed and appreciated and God's glory is revealed.