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Production Services is here to help you fulfill the vision for your event. As you anticipate all the different needs for your event, below are some production related points to consider.

  • Budget. We understand that you have an established production budget for your event and we are committed to help you consider all the options available for creating a great event.
  • Planning. As you plan for your event please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding your event.
  • The day of the event. We are available to work with you to assure that adequate time is reserved for loadin and loadout for your event. Additionally, we utilize sound checks for making sure you will have the best sound possible during your event. If you need additional rehearsal time, we are available to help you plan for that possibility before sound checks begin.
  • Copyrights. We understand that copyright law can be a complicated subject. There are limitations regarding the appropriate use of copyrighted material and we are available to help you think through these issues. Obtaining permissions can be a lengthy process which should be anticipated in advance. 

With the above guidelines in mind, the following items are meant to assist you in planning for your event.

  1. Please provide 5 business days notice to assure the best event planning possible.
  2. What time are you anticipating setting up for your event?
  3. Campus departments need to provide an account number for the charges to be billed upon completion.
  4. How many microphones do anticipate needing?
  5. What other media do you plan on using (CD, DVD, PowerPoint, etc)?
  6. Will special lighting be needed for your event?
  7. Will you be using props or set pieces?
  8. Are you planning on using an existing Tech Cart? (Only in equipped rooms)
Event Details