"The Bus Tour challenged me to re-think everything I ever believed or thought about the subject of diversity. I gained a greater understanding of a lot of the issues surrounding the subject of diversity. The complexity and depth of the subject was mind-boggling. I am very glad that I was able to share this experience with 26 of my peers."
— Brandon Salsbury

"The Civil Rights Bus Tour has been one of the highlights of my Cedarville experience. The opportunity to learn from students with different cultural backgrounds opened my eyes to another side of this university family. The tour itself was a great learning experience, but the conversations on the bus will stay with me for a very long time."
— Tim Voltz

"The most meaningful part of this trip was shaking the hand of a man who marched across the Edmund Pettis bridge in Selma, AL. After I shook his hand, I was thinking to myself, Wow, the person with whom I just shook hands made a difference in America for both Blacks and Whites. He was not Dr. King but without his help and others just like him, Dr. King couldn't have made the progress that he did. This man was living history and although his name will not show up in textbooks, he made a difference for me and others just like me.
— Jonathan McCoy

"The Civil Rights bus tour was used by God to further my education, my understanding, and my passion for the things that God is concerned about. My education was furthered through a great deal of learning about American history through several museums and videos. My understanding was deepened as my peers, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ shared their own stories and feelings about race, life, and what God has called the church to be. Finally, my passions were directed towards the things which God is concerned about as God revealed Himself and showed how reconciliation is at the very heart of His grand story of redemption and He has called each of His children to be at work in the heart of this story."
— Karissa Bollenbacher

"[The] Civil RIghts Bus Tour was one of those concentrated experiences where you grow, and it would never have happened if it weren't for Cedarville. From what I've been told, Cedarville may be the only Christian college that offers an experience of this nature every year!"
— Janice Supplee, vice president of enrollment management and marketing