Christian Engineering Conference 2017


Cedarville Univeristy is excited to host the Christian Engineers Conference on our campus. We welcome participation by Christian engineers who are interested in integrating their faith with engineering and technology. Engineering faculty from Christian and state colleges and universities, as well as engineers from industry, are welcome and encouraged to attend. Papers and panel discussions at the conference will focus on what it means to be a Christian engineer.

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Steering Committee

  • Bob Chasnov, Cedarville University, General Chair
  • Tom Thompson, Cedarville University, Local Arrangements
  • Justin Vander Werff, Dordt College, Program Co-Chair
  • Danielle Wyenberg, Dordt College, Program Co-Chair
  • Steve VanderLeest, Calvin College
  • Melani Plett, Past General Chair
  • Mike Foster, Past Program Chair


Contact Event Services and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!